Sr. No. Category Name Procedure Code Procedure Name Governtment Reserved
1 General Surgery S100001 Adventious Burse – Excision Govt. Reserved
2 General Surgery S100002 Anterior Resection for CA No
3 General Surgery S100003 Appendicectomy Govt. Reserved
4 General Surgery S100004 Appendicular Abscess – Drainage Govt. Reserved
5 General Surgery S100005 Arteriovenous (AV) Malformation of Soft Tissue Tumour - Excision No
6 General Surgery S100006 Bakers Cyst – Excision Govt. Reserved
7 General Surgery S100007 Bilateral Inguinal block dissection Govt. Reserved
8 General Surgery S100008 Bleeding Ulcer - Gastrectomy & vagotomy No
9 General Surgery S100009 Bleeding Ulcer - Partial Gastrectomy No
10 General Surgery S100010 Block dissection Cervical Nodes No
11 General Surgery S100011 Branchial Fistula No
12 General Surgery S100012 Breast Lump - Left – Excision Govt. Reserved
13 General Surgery S100013 Breast Lump - Right – Excision Govt. Reserved
14 General Surgery S100014 Branchial Cyst No
15 General Surgery S100015 Bursa – Excision Govt. Reserved
16 General Surgery S100016 Bypass - Inoperable Pancreas No
17 General Surgery S100017 Cervial Lymphnodes – Excision No
18 General Surgery S100018 Colostomy No
19 General Surgery S100019 Cyst over Scrotum – Excision Govt. Reserved
20 General Surgery S100020 Cystic Mass – Excision No
21 General Surgery S100021 Dermoid Cyst - Large – Excision Govt. Reserved
22 General Surgery S100022 Dermoid Cyst - Small – Excision Govt. Reserved
23 General Surgery S100023 Drainage of Ischio Rectal Abscess Govt. Reserved
24 General Surgery S100024 Incision and Drainage of large Abscess Govt. Reserved
25 General Surgery S100025 Drainage of Psoas Abscess No
26 General Surgery S100026 Drainage of Subdiaphramatic Abscess No
27 General Surgery S100027 Drainage Pericardial Effusion No
28 General Surgery S100028 Duodenal Diverticulum No
29 General Surgery S100029 Duodenal Jejunostomy No
30 General Surgery S100030 Duplication of Intestine No
31 General Surgery S100031 Hydrocele + Orchidectomy Govt. Reserved
32 General Surgery S100032 Epidedectomy Govt. Reserved
33 General Surgery S100033 Epididymal Swelling –Excision Govt. Reserved
34 General Surgery S100034 Epidymal Cyst Govt. Reserved
35 General Surgery S100035 Evacuation of Scrotal Hematoma Govt. Reserved
36 General Surgery S100036 Excision Benign Tumor -Small intestine No
37 General Surgery S100037 Excision Bronchial Sinus No
38 General Surgery S100038 Drainage of liver Abscess No
39 General Surgery S100039 Excision Filarial Scrotum No
40 General Surgery S100040 Excision Mammary Fistula No
41 General Surgery S100041 Excision Meckels Diverticulum No
42 General Surgery S100042 Excision Pilonidal Sinus Govt. Reserved
43 General Surgery S100043 Excision Small Intestinal Fistula No
44 General Surgery S100044 Excision of Growth from Tongue only No
45 General Surgery S100045 Excision of Growth from Tongue with neck node dissection No
46 General Surgery S100046 Excision of Swelling in Right Cervical Region No
47 General Surgery S100047 Excision of Large Swelling in Hand No
48 General Surgery S100048 Excision of Small Swelling in Hand Govt. Reserved
49 General Surgery S100049 Excision of Neurofibroma No
50 General Surgery S100050 Exicision of Sinus and Curettage No
51 General Surgery S100051 Fibroadenoma – Bilateral Govt. Reserved
52 General Surgery S100052 Fibrodenoma – Unilateral Govt. Reserved
53 General Surgery S100053 Fissurectomy No
54 General Surgery S100054 Fissurectomy and Haemorrhoidectomy No
55 General Surgery S100055 Eversion of Hydrocele Sac – Bilateral Govt. Reserved
56 General Surgery S100056 Eversion of Hydrocele Sac – Unilateral Govt. Reserved
57 General Surgery S100057 Fissurectomy with Sphincterotomy No
58 General Surgery S100058 Foreign Body Removal in Deep Region requiring GA No
59 General Surgery S100059 Fundoplication No
60 General Surgery S100060 G J Vagotomy/ Vagotomy + Pyloroplasty No
61 General Surgery S100061 Ganglion - large – Excision Govt. Reserved
62 General Surgery S100062 Ganglion - Small – Excision Govt. Reserved
63 General Surgery S100063 Gastrojejunostomy No
64 General Surgery S100064 Gastrostomy No
65 General Surgery S100065 Grahams Operation for duodenal perforation No
66 General Surgery S100066 Granuloma – Excision No
67 General Surgery S100067 Haemangioma – Excision (large) No
68 General Surgery S100068 Haemangioma – Excision (small) No
69 General Surgery S100069 Haemorrhage of Small Intestine No
70 General Surgery S100070 Hepatic Resection (lobectomy) No
71 General Surgery S100071 Hernia – Epigastric No
72 General Surgery S100072 Hernia – Incisional No
73 General Surgery S100073 Hernia - Repair & release of obstruction No
74 General Surgery S100074 Hernia – Umbilical No
75 General Surgery S100075 Hernia – Femoral No
76 General Surgery S100076 Hernioplasty – Inguinal Govt. Reserved
77 General Surgery S100077 Herniorraphy Govt. Reserved
78 General Surgery S100078 Hiatus Hernia – abdominal No
79 General Surgery S100079 Hydatid Cyst of Liver No
80 General Surgery S100080 Hydrocele - Excision – Unilateral Govt. Reserved
81 General Surgery S100081 Hydrocele - Excision – Bilateral Govt. Reserved
82 General Surgery S100082 IlieoSigmoidostomy No
83 General Surgery S100083 Infected Bunion Foot – Excision Govt. Reserved
84 General Surgery S100084 Inguinal Node (dissection) - Unilateral Govt. Reserved
85 General Surgery S100085 Intestinal perforation No
86 General Surgery S100086 Intestinal Obstruction No
87 General Surgery S100087 Intussusception No
88 General Surgery S100088 Jejunostomy No
89 General Surgery S100089 Gastric Perforation No
90 General Surgery S100090 Intestinal Perforation (Resection Anastomosis) No
91 General Surgery S100091 Appendicular Perforation No
92 General Surgery S100092 Burst Abdomen Obstruction No
93 General Surgery S100093 Closure of Hollow Viscus Perforation No
94 General Surgery S100094 Laryngectomy & Pharyngeal Diverticulum (Throat) No
95 General Surgery S100095 Ileostomy No
96 General Surgery S100096 Lipoma excision Govt. Reserved
97 General Surgery S100097 Loop Colostomy Sigmoid No
98 General Surgery S100098 Mastectomy No
99 General Surgery S100099 Mesenteric Cyst – Excision No
100 General Surgery S100100 Mesenteric Caval Anastomosis No
101 General Surgery S100101 Microlaryngoscopic Surgery No
102 General Surgery S100102 Oeshophagoscopy for foreign body removal No
103 General Surgery S100103 Oesophagectomy No
104 General Surgery S100104 Portal Hypertension shunt surgery t No
105 General Surgery S100105 Pelvic Abscess - Open Drainage No
106 General Surgery S100106 PancreaticoDuodenectomy No
107 General Surgery S100107 Distal Pancreatectomy with PancreaticoJejunostomy t No
108 General Surgery S100108 Papilloma Rectum – Excision No
109 General Surgery S100109 Haemorroidectomy+ Fistulectomy No
110 General Surgery S100110 Growth in the Scalp – Excision Govt. Reserved
111 General Surgery S100111 Porto Caval Anastomosis No
112 General Surgery S100112 Pyeloroplasty No
113 General Surgery S100113 Radical Mastectomy No
114 General Surgery S100114 Radical Neck Dissection – Excision No
115 General Surgery S100115 Hernia – Spigelian No
116 General Surgery S100116 Rectal Dilation No
117 General Surgery S100117 Prolapse of Rectal Mass – Excision No
118 General Surgery S100118 Rectopexy No
119 General Surgery S100119 Repair of Common Bile Duct No
120 General Surgery S100120 Resection Anastomosis (Large Intestine) No
121 General Surgery S100121 Resection Anastomosis (Small Intestine) No
122 General Surgery S100122 Retroperitoneal Tumor – Excision No
123 General Surgery S100123 Haemorroidectomy Govt. Reserved
124 General Surgery S100124 Salivary Gland – Excision No
125 General Surgery S100125 Segmental Resection of Breast No
126 General Surgery S100126 Scrotal Swelling (Multiple) – Excision No
127 General Surgery S100127 Sigmoid Diverticulum No
128 General Surgery S100128 Simple closure - Peptic perforation No
129 General Surgery S100129 Sinus – Excision No
130 General Surgery S100130 Soft Tissue Tumor (small) – Excision No
131 General Surgery S100131 Soft Tissue Tumor (large) – Excision No
132 General Surgery S100132 Splenectomy No
133 General Surgery S100133 Submandibular Lymph node – Excision No
134 General Surgery S100134 Submandibular Mass Excision + Reconstruction No
135 General Surgery S100135 Swelling in foot (small) – Excision No
136 General Surgery S100136 Swelling in foot (large) – Excision No
137 General Surgery S100137 Coloectomy – Total No
138 General Surgery S100138 Pharyngectomy& Reconstruction – Total No
139 General Surgery S100139 Tracheal Stenosis (End to end Anastamosis) (Throat) No
140 General Surgery S100140 Tracheoplasty (Throat) No
141 General Surgery S100141 Umbilical Sinus – Excision No
142 General Surgery S100142 Varicose Veins - Excision and Ligation No
143 General Surgery S100143 Vasovasostomy No
144 General Surgery S100144 Volvlous of Large Bowel No
145 General Surgery S100145 Cleft lip operation No
146 General Surgery S100146 Cleft palate repair (for each stage) No
147 General Surgery S100147 Cleft lip & palate operation (for each stage) No
148 General Surgery S100148 Aneurysm not Requiring Bypass Techniques t No
149 General Surgery S100149 Aneurysm Resection & Grafting No
150 General Surgery S100150 Arterial Embolectomy No
151 General Surgery S100151 Carotid artery aneurysm repair No
152 General Surgery S100152 Carotid Body tumour - Excision No
153 General Surgery S100153 Cholecystectomy & Exploration of CBD No
154 General Surgery S100154 Cholecystostomy Govt. Reserved
155 General Surgery S100155 Congential Arteriovenus Fistula (large) No
156 General Surgery S100156 Congential Arteriovenus Fistula (small) No
157 General Surgery S100157 Decortication (Pleurectomy) No
158 General Surgery S100158 Dissecting Aneurysms No
159 General Surgery S100159 Distal Abdominal Aorta repair No
160 General Surgery S100160 Estlander Operation (lip) No
161 General Surgery S100161 Excision and Skin Graft of Venous Ulcer No
162 General Surgery S100162 Excision of Parathyroid Adenoma/Carcinoma No
163 General Surgery S100163 Flap Reconstructive Surgery No
164 General Surgery S100164 Split thickness skin grafts – Small (< 4% TBSA) No
165 General Surgery S100165 Split thickness skin grafts – Medium (4 - 8% TBSA) No
166 General Surgery S100166 Split thickness skin grafts – Large (> 8% TBSA) No
167 General Surgery S100167 Free Grafts - Wolfe Grafts No
168 General Surgery S100168 Hemi thyroidectomy Govt. Reserved
169 General Surgery S100169 Total thyroidectomy Govt. Reserved
170 General Surgery S100170 Laparoscopic Hernia Repair No
171 General Surgery S100171 Lap Assisted left Hemi colectomy t No
172 General Surgery S100172 Lap Assisted Right Hemi colectomy t No
173 General Surgery S100173 Lap Assisted small bowel resection No
174 General Surgery S100174 Lap Assisted Total Colectomy No
175 General Surgery S100175 Lap Cholecystectomy & CBD exploration No
176 General Surgery S100176 Lap For intestinal obstruction No
177 General Surgery S100177 Lap Hepatic resection No
178 General Surgery S100178 Lap Hydatid of liver surgery No
179 General Surgery S100179 Laparoscopic Adhesinolysis No
180 General Surgery S100180 Laparoscopic Appendicectomy No
181 General Surgery S100181 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy No
182 General Surgery S100182 Laparoscopic cystogastrostomy No
183 General Surgery S100183 Laparoscopic Gastrostomy No
184 General Surgery S100184 Laparoscopic Hiatus Hernia Repair No
185 General Surgery S100185 Laparoscopic Pyloromyotomy No
186 General Surgery S100186 Laparoscopic Rectopexy No
187 General Surgery S100187 Laparoscopic Spleenectomy No
188 General Surgery S100188 Laparoscopic umbilical hernia repair No
189 General Surgery S100189 Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair No
190 General Surgery S100190 Laparotomy-peritonitis lavage and drainage No
191 General Surgery S100191 Ligation of Ankle Perforators No
192 General Surgery S100192 Lymphatics Excision of Subcutaneous Tissues In Lymphoedema No
193 General Surgery S100193 Repair of Main Arteries of the Limbs No
194 General Surgery S100194 Mediastinal Tumour No
195 General Surgery S100195 Oesophagectomy for Carcinoma Oesophagus No
196 General Surgery S100196 Operation for Bleeding Peptic Ulcer No
197 General Surgery S100197 Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Vermilionectomy No
198 General Surgery S100198 Operation for Carcinoma Lip - Wedge Excision and Vermilionectomy No
199 General Surgery S100199 Operation for Carcinoma Lip - Wedge-Excision No
200 General Surgery S100200 Appendicectomy - Appendicular Abscess – Drainage Govt. Reserved
201 General Surgery S100201 Caecostomy No
202 General Surgery S100202 Closure of Colostomy No
203 General Surgery S100203 Coccygeal Teratoma Excision No
204 General Surgery S100204 Congenital Atresia & Stenosis of Small Intestine No
205 General Surgery S100205 CystoJejunostomy/or Cystogastrostomy No
206 General Surgery S100206 Drainage of perivertebral abscess No
207 General Surgery S100207 Hernia -hiatus-Transthoracic No
208 General Surgery S100208 Intercostal drainage No
209 General Surgery S100209 Operation for carcinoma lip- cheek advancement No
210 General Surgery S100210 Thymectomy No
211 General Surgery S100211 Operation of Choledochal Cyst No
212 General Surgery S100212 Operations for Acquired Arteriovenous Fistula No
213 General Surgery S100213 Operations for Replacement of Oesophagus by Colon No
214 General Surgery S100214 Hemodialysis per sitting No
215 General Surgery S100215 Parapharyngeal Tumour Excision No
216 General Surgery S100216 Partial/Subtotal Gastrectomy for Carcinoma No
217 General Surgery S100217 Patch Graft Angioplasty No
218 General Surgery S100218 Pericardiostomy No
219 General Surgery S100219 Pneumonectomy No
220 General Surgery S100220 Removal of Foreign Body from Trachea or Oesophagus No
221 General Surgery S100221 Removal Tumours of Chest Wall No
222 General Surgery S100222 Procedures Requiring Bypass Techniques No
223 General Surgery S100223 Resection Enucleation of Adenoma (lung) No
224 General Surgery S100224 Rib Resection & Drainage No
225 General Surgery S100225 Skin Flaps - Rotation Flaps No
226 General Surgery S100226 Splenectomy - For Trauma No
227 General Surgery S100227 Surgery for Arterial Aneurism Spleen Artery No
228 General Surgery S100228 Surgery for Arterial Aneurism –Vertebral No
229 General Surgery S100229 Sympathetectomy – Cervical No
230 General Surgery S100230 Temporal Bone resection No
231 General Surgery S100231 Thorachostomy No
232 General Surgery S100232 Thoracocentesis No
233 General Surgery S100233 Thoracoplasty No
234 General Surgery S100234 Thoracoscopic Decortication No
235 General Surgery S100235 Thoracoscopic Hydatid Cyst excision No
236 General Surgery S100236 Thoracoscopic Lobectomy No
237 General Surgery S100237 Thoracoscopic Pneumonectomy No
238 General Surgery S100238 Thoracoscopic Segmental Resection No
239 General Surgery S100239 Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy No
240 General Surgery S100240 Thrombendarterectomy No
241 General Surgery S100241 Thorax (penetrating wounds) No
242 General Surgery S100242 Total Thyroidectomy and Block Dissection No
243 General Surgery S100243 Trendelenburg Operation No
244 General Surgery S100244 Debridement of Ulcer-Leprosy No
245 General Surgery S100245 Tissue Reconstruction Flap Leprosy No
246 General Surgery S100246 Tendon Transfer-Leprosy No
247 General Surgery S100247 Adhenolysis + Appendicectomy Govt. Reserved
248 General Surgery S100248 Hernia - Repair & release of obstruction+ Hernioplasty Govt. Reserved
249 General Surgery S100249 Aspiration of cold Abscess of Lymphnode No
250 General Surgery S100250 Aspiration of Empyema No
251 General Surgery S100251 AV Shunt for dialysis No
252 General Surgery S100252 Peritoneal dialysis per sitting No
253 General Surgery S100253 Vasectomy No
254 Otorhinolaryngology S200001 Aural polypectomy Govt. Reserved
255 Otorhinolaryngology S200002 Labyrinthectomy Govt. Reserved
256 Otorhinolaryngology S200003 Mastoidectomy Govt. Reserved
257 Otorhinolaryngology S200004 Mastoidectomy corticol modified/ radical Govt. Reserved
258 Otorhinolaryngology S200005 Mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty Govt. Reserved
259 Otorhinolaryngology S200006 Myringoplasty Govt. Reserved
260 Otorhinolaryngology S200007 Myringoplasty with Ossiculoplasty Govt. Reserved
261 Otorhinolaryngology S200008 Myringotomy – Bilateral Govt. Reserved
262 Otorhinolaryngology S200009 Myringotomy – Unilateral Govt. Reserved
263 Otorhinolaryngology S200010 Myringotomy with Grommet - One ear Govt. Reserved
264 Otorhinolaryngology S200011 Myrinogotomy with Grommet - Both ear Govt. Reserved
265 Otorhinolaryngology S200012 Ossiculoplasty Govt. Reserved
266 Otorhinolaryngology S200013 Partial amputation – Pinna No
267 Otorhinolaryngology S200014 Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries - Total Amputation & Excision of External Auditory Meatus Govt. Reserved
268 Otorhinolaryngology S200015 Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries Total Amputation Govt. Reserved
269 Otorhinolaryngology S200016 Stapedectomy No
270 Otorhinolaryngology S200017 Tympanoplasty Govt. Reserved
271 Otorhinolaryngology S200018 Vidian neurectomy – Micro No
272 Otorhinolaryngology S200019 Ear lobe repair - single (daycare) Govt. Reserved
273 Otorhinolaryngology S200020 Excision of Pinna for Growth (Squamous/Basal/ Injuries) Skin and Cartilage Govt. Reserved
274 Otorhinolaryngology S200021 Excision of Pinna for Growth (Squamous/Basal/ Injuries) Skin Only Govt. Reserved
275 Otorhinolaryngology S200022 Pharyngectomy and reconstruction No
276 Otorhinolaryngology S200023 Skull base surgery No
277 Otorhinolaryngology S200024 Total Amputation & Excision of External Auditory Meatus No
278 Otorhinolaryngology S200025 Tympanotomy Govt. Reserved
279 Otorhinolaryngology S200026 Removal of foreign body from ear Govt. Reserved
280 Otorhinolaryngology S200027 Aural polypectomy +Tympanoplasty No
281 Otorhinolaryngology S200028 Ant Ethmoidal artery ligation - open/ endoscopic No
282 Otorhinolaryngology S200029 Antrostomy – Bilateral No
283 Otorhinolaryngology S200030 Antrostomy – Unilateral No
284 Otorhinolaryngology S200031 Cryosurgery No
285 Otorhinolaryngology S200032 CSF Rhinorrhoea – Repair No
286 Otorhinolaryngology S200033 Septoplasty + FESS No
287 Otorhinolaryngology S200034 Ethmoidectomy – External No
288 Otorhinolaryngology S200035 Fracture reduction nose with septal correction No
289 Otorhinolaryngology S200036 Fracture - setting maxilla No
290 Otorhinolaryngology S200037 Fracture - setting nasal bone No
291 Otorhinolaryngology S200038 Functional Endoscopic Sinus (FESS) No
292 Otorhinolaryngology S200039 Intra Nasal Ethmoidectomy No
293 Otorhinolaryngology S200040 Rhinotomy – Lateral No
294 Otorhinolaryngology S200041 Nasal polypectomy – Bilateral No
295 Otorhinolaryngology S200042 Nasal polypectomy – Unilateral No
296 Otorhinolaryngology S200043 Turbinectomy Partial – Bilateral No
297 Otorhinolaryngology S200044 Turbinectomy Partial – Unilateral No
298 Otorhinolaryngology S200045 Radical fronto ethmo sphenodectomy No
299 Otorhinolaryngology S200046 Rhinoplasty No
300 Otorhinolaryngology S200047 Septoplasty Govt. Reserved
301 Otorhinolaryngology S200048 Youngs operation No
302 Otorhinolaryngology S200049 Angiofibrom Excision No
303 Otorhinolaryngology S200050 Cranio-facial resection No
304 Otorhinolaryngology S200051 Endoscopic DCR No
305 Otorhinolaryngology S200052 Endoscopic Hypophysectomy No
306 Otorhinolaryngology S200053 Intranasal Diathermy No
307 Otorhinolaryngology S200054 Rhinosporidiosis No
308 Otorhinolaryngology S200055 Septo-rhinoplasty No
309 Otorhinolaryngology S200056 Adeno Tonsillectomy No
310 Otorhinolaryngology S200057 Adenoidectomy No
311 Otorhinolaryngology S200058 Arytenoidectomy No
312 Otorhinolaryngology S200059 Choanal atresia No
313 Otorhinolaryngology S200060 Tonsillectomy + Myrinogotomy Govt. Reserved
314 Otorhinolaryngology S200061 Pharyngeal diverticulums – Excision No
315 Otorhinolaryngology S200062 Laryngectomy with block dissection No
316 Otorhinolaryngology S200063 Laryngofissure No
317 Otorhinolaryngology S200064 Laryngophayryngectomy No
318 Otorhinolaryngology S200065 Maxilla – Excision No
319 Otorhinolaryngology S200066 Oro Antral fistula No
320 Otorhinolaryngology S200067 Parapharyngeal – Exploration No
321 Otorhinolaryngology S200068 Parapharyngeal Abscess – Drainage No
322 Otorhinolaryngology S200069 Peritonsillor abscess under LA Govt. Reserved
323 Otorhinolaryngology S200070 Pharyngoplasty No
324 Otorhinolaryngology S200071 Retro pharyngeal abscess – Drainage No
325 Otorhinolaryngology S200072 Tonsillectomy + Styloidectomy Govt. Reserved
326 Otorhinolaryngology S200073 Thyroglossal Fistula/ cyst – Excision No
327 Otorhinolaryngology S200074 Tonsillectomy – (Uni/ Bilateral) Govt. Reserved
328 Otorhinolaryngology S200075 Total Parotidectomy No
329 Otorhinolaryngology S200076 Superficial Parotidectomy No
330 Otorhinolaryngology S200077 Uvulophanyngo Plasty No
331 Otorhinolaryngology S200078 Commondo Operation (glossectomy) No
332 Otorhinolaryngology S200079 Excision of Branchial Cyst No
333 Otorhinolaryngology S200080 Excision of Branchial Sinus No
334 Otorhinolaryngology S200081 Excision of Cystic Hygroma Major/ Extensive No
335 Otorhinolaryngology S200082 Excision of Cystic Hygroma Minor Govt. Reserved
336 Otorhinolaryngology S200083 Excision of the Mandible Segmental No
337 Otorhinolaryngology S200084 Hemi-mandibulectomy with graft No
338 Otorhinolaryngology S200085 Hemiglossectomy Govt. Reserved
339 Otorhinolaryngology S200086 Palatopharyngoplasty No
340 Otorhinolaryngology S200087 Partial Glossectomy Govt. Reserved
341 Otorhinolaryngology S200088 Ranula excision No
342 Otorhinolaryngology S200089 Removal of Submandibular Salivary gland Govt. Reserved
343 Otorhinolaryngology S200090 Total Glossectomy No
344 Otorhinolaryngology S200091 Total Laryngectomy + Neck dissection No
345 Otorhinolaryngology S200092 Laryngopharyngectomy with Gastric pull-up/ jejunal graft No
346 Otorhinolaryngology S200093 Excision of CA cheek/ oral cavity + radial forearm flap No
347 Otorhinolaryngology S200094 Excision of growth Jaw + free fibular flap reconstruction No
348 Opthalmology S300001 Buckle Removal No
349 Opthalmology S300002 Canaliculo Dacryocysto Rhinostomy No
350 Opthalmology S300003 Capsulotomy (YAG) No
351 Opthalmology S300004 Corneal Grafting No
352 Opthalmology S300005 Prophylactic Cryoretinopexy- Closed No
353 Opthalmology S300006 Cyclocryotherapy/Cyclophotocoagulation No
354 Opthalmology S300007 Pterygium + ConjunctivalAutograft No
355 Opthalmology S300008 Dacryocystectomy with implants No
356 Opthalmology SS00009 Enucleation No
357 Opthalmology S300010 Enucleation with Implant No
358 Opthalmology S300011 Exenteration No
359 Opthalmology S300012 Glaucoma Surgery (Trabeculectomy only) with or without Mitomycin C, including postoperative medications for 12 weeks (and wherever surgical or laser procedures required for bleb augmentation and anterior chamber maintenance) Govt. Reserved
360 Opthalmology S300013 Intraocular Foreign Body Removal from Anterior Segment No
361 Opthalmology S300014 Intraocular Foreign Body Removal from Posterior Segment No
362 Opthalmology S300015 Lensectomy /pediatric lens aspiration Govt. Reserved
363 Opthalmology S300016 Limbal Dermoid Removal No
364 Opthalmology S300017 Surgical Membranectomy Govt. Reserved
365 Opthalmology S300018 Perforating Corneo - Scleral Injury No
366 Opthalmology S300019 Ptosis Surgery No
367 Opthalmology S300020 IRIS Prolapse – Repair No
368 Opthalmology S300021 Retinal Detachment Surgery No
369 Opthalmology S300022 Small Tumour of Lid – Excision + Lid Reconstruction Govt. Reserved
370 Opthalmology S300023 Socket Reconstruction with amniotic membrane No
371 Opthalmology S300024 Iridectomy – Laser No
372 Opthalmology S300025 Iridectomy – Surgical No
373 Opthalmology S300026 Iris cyst removal No
374 Opthalmology SS00027 Vitrectomy No
375 Opthalmology S300028 Vitrectomy + Retinal Detachment surgery (pre-auth required) No
376 Opthalmology S300029 Cataract with foldable hydrophobic acrylic IOL by Phaco emulsification tech Govt. Reserved
377 Opthalmology S300030 Cataract with non-foldable IOL using SICS technique Govt. Reserved
378 Opthalmology S300031 Cataract with foldable hydrophobic acrylic IOL by Phaco emulsification tech + Glaucoma Govt. Reserved
379 Opthalmology S300032 Cataract with non-foldable IOL using SICS technique + Glaucoma Govt. Reserved
380 Opthalmology S300033 Conjunctival tumour excision + AMG No
381 Opthalmology S300034 Entropion correction No
382 Opthalmology S300035 Ectropion correction No
383 Opthalmology SS00036 Evisceration No
384 Opthalmology S300037 Laser for retinopathy (per sitting) No
385 Opthalmology S300038 Lid tear Govt. Reserved
386 Opthalmology SS00039 Orbitotomy No
387 Opthalmology S300040 Squint correction (per muscle) Govt. Reserved
388 Opthalmology S300041 Anterior Chamber Reconstruction +Perforating corneo - Scleral Injury + IOL No
389 Opthalmology S300042 PRP - Retinal Laser including 3 sittings No
390 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400001 Hysterectomy ± Salpingo-oophorectomy No
391 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400002 Abdominal Myomectomy Govt. Reserved
392 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400003 Surgeries for Prolapse - Sling Surgeries No
393 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400004 Surgeries for Stress Incontinence Burch No
394 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400005 Hysterotomes - 2nd Trimester abortions No
395 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400006 Incisional Hernia Repair No
396 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400007 Radical Hysterectomy (Wertheims) No
397 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400008 Laparotomy and proceed for Ovarian Cancers Omentomy with Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy No
398 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400009 Non descent vaginal hysterectomy No
399 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400010 Vaginal hysterectomy with anterior and posterior colpoperineorrhaphy Govt. Reserved
400 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400011 Vaginal surgical repair for vesico-vaginal fistula No
401 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400012 Sacrocolpopexy No
402 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400013 Repair for rectovaginal fitulas No
403 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400014 Vaginoplasty No
404 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400015 LLETZ No
405 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400016 Colpotomy No
406 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400017 Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) No
407 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400018 Cervical biopsy and Polypectomy No
408 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400019 Bartholins Cyst Enucleation/ Incision drainage Govt. Reserved
409 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400020 Vulvectomy simple No
410 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400021 Radical Vulvectomy No
411 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400022 Diagnostic laparoscopy No
412 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400023 Laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH) No
413 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400024 Laparoscopic myomectomy No
414 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400025 Laparoscopic cystectomy No
415 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400026 Laparoscopic ovarotomy No
416 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400027 Laparoscopic adhesiolysis No
417 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400028 Laparoscopic tubal surgeries - salpingectomy, salpingotomy No
418 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400029 Drag hysteroscopy No
419 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400030 Hysteroscopic myomectomies No
420 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400031 Hysteroscopic adhesiolysis No
421 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400032 Hysteroscopic polypectomy No
422 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400033 Hysteroscopic IUCD removal No
423 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400034 Caesarian Delivery No
424 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400035 Caesarian hysterectomy No
425 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400036 High risk delivery: Pre-mature delivery Govt. Reserved
426 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400037 High risk delivery: Expected Gestation at delivery less than 35 weeks Govt. Reserved
427 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400038 High risk delivery: Mothers with eclampsia or imminent eclampsia Govt. Reserved
428 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400039 High risk delivery: Obstructed labour Govt. Reserved
429 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400040 High risk delivery: Major Fetal malformation requiring intervention immediately after birth Govt. Reserved
430 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400041 High risk delivery: Mothers with severe anaemia (<7 g/dL) Govt. Reserved
431 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400042 High risk delivery: Other maternal and fetal conditions as per guidelines-Such as Rh haemolytic disease, uncontrolled diabetes, severe growth retardation etc that qualify for high risk delivery etc Govt. Reserved
432 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400043 Manual removal of placenta No
433 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400044 Laparotomy for ruptured ectopic No
434 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400045 MTP > 12 weeks No
435 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400046 MTP upto 12 weeks No
436 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400047 MTP upto 8 weeks No
437 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400048 McDonalds stitch Govt. Reserved
438 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400049 Shirodkars stitch Govt. Reserved
439 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400050 Tuboplasty Govt. Reserved
440 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400051 Laparotomy for broad ligament haematoma No
441 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400052 Trans-vaginal tape/ Trans-obturator tape Govt. Reserved
442 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400053 Abdominal Perineal neo construction Cx + Uteria + Vagina No
443 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400054 Ablation of Endometriotic Spot + Adhenolysis Govt. Reserved
444 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400055 Ablation of Endometriotic Spot +Salpingostomy Govt. Reserved
445 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400056 Adhenolysis + Hernia - Ventral - Lipectomy/Incision No
446 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400057 Adhenolysis+ Ovarian Cystectomy Govt. Reserved
447 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400058 Adhenolysis+ Salpingostomy Govt. Reserved
448 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400059 Broad Ligment Haemotoma drainage No
449 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400060 Brust abdomen repair No
450 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400061 Cone Biopsy Cervix Govt. Reserved
451 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400062 Conventional Tubectomy No
452 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400063 Cyst -Vaginal Enucleation Govt. Reserved
453 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400064 Cyst-Labial Govt. Reserved
454 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400065 Cystocele - Anterior repair Govt. Reserved
455 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400066 Cystocele - Anterior Repair + Perineal Tear Repair Govt. Reserved
456 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400067 D&C (Dilatation &curretage) + Electro Cauterisation Cryo Surgery Govt. Reserved
457 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S500068 D&C (Dilatation&curretage) Govt. Reserved
458 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400069 Diagnostic laparoscopy & hysteroscopy for infertility No
459 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400070 Electro Cauterisation Cryo Surgery No
460 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400071 Exploration of abdominal haematoma (after laparotomy + LSCS) Govt. Reserved
461 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400072 Fractional Curretage No
462 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400073 Gaping Perineal wound secondary suturing/ episiotomy Govt. Reserved
463 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400074 HaematoColpo/Excision - Vaginal Septum No
464 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400075 Hymenectomy& Repair of Hymen Govt. Reserved
465 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400076 Amniocentesis No
466 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400077 Chorionic villus sampling No
467 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400078 Cordocentesis No
468 Obstetrics & Gynaecology S400079 Intrauterine transfusions No
469 Orthopaedics S500001 AC joint reconstruction/ Stabilization/ Acromionplasty (Nonoperative management is recommended for Rockwood type I and II injuries, whereas surgical reconstruction is recommended for type IV and VI separations The management for type III and V injuries is more controversial and is determined on a case-by-case basis) No
470 Orthopaedics S500002 Accessory bone – Excision (limbs) – congenital, Accessory digits sometime can be removed No
471 Orthopaedics S500003 Amputation - Below Elbow No
472 Orthopaedics S500004 Amputation - Above Elbow No
473 Orthopaedics S500005 Amputation – one or more fingers No
474 Orthopaedics S500006 Amputation – Wrist No
475 Orthopaedics S500007 Amputation - one or more toes/ digits No
476 Orthopaedics S500008 Amputation – Below Knee No
477 Orthopaedics S500009 Amputation – Above Knee No
478 Orthopaedics S500010 Foot & Hand Amputation (whole/ partial) No
479 Orthopaedics S500011 Disarticulation (hind & for quarter) No
480 Orthopaedics S500012 Anterior Spine Fixation No
481 Orthopaedics S500013 Posterior Spine Fixation No
482 Orthopaedics S500014 Osteochondroma excision/ Excision of Exostosis No
483 Orthopaedics S500015 Excision Arthoplasty No
484 Orthopaedics S500016 Arthorotomy of any joint No
485 Orthopaedics S500017 Arthrodesis Ankle Triple No
486 Orthopaedics S500018 Excision Arthoplasty of Femur head No
487 Orthopaedics S500019 Bimalleolar Fracture Fixation No
488 Orthopaedics S500020 Bone Tumour Excision + reconstruction using implant (malignant/ benign) No
489 Orthopaedics S500021 Bone Tumour (malignant/ benign) curettage and bone grafting No
490 Orthopaedics S500022 Bone Tumour Excision (malignant/ benign) + Joint replacement (depending upon type of joint and implant) No
491 Orthopaedics S500023 Clavicle fracture management - conservative (daycare) No
492 Orthopaedics S500024 Close Fixation - Hand Bones No
493 Orthopaedics S500025 Close Fixation - Foot Bones No
494 Orthopaedics S500026 Close Reduction - Small Joints No
495 Orthopaedics S500027 Closed Interlock Nailing + Bone Grafting – femur No
496 Orthopaedics S500028 Closed Interlocking Intermedullary No
497 Orthopaedics S500029 Closed Interlocking Tibia + Orif of Fracture Fixation No
498 Orthopaedics S500030 Closed Reduction and Internal Fixation with K wire No
499 Orthopaedics S500031 Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Screw Fixation (neck femur) No
500 Orthopaedics S500032 Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Pinning No
501 Orthopaedics S500033 Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Nailing No
502 Orthopaedics S500034 Closed Reduction of the Hip (including hip Spika) No
503 Orthopaedics S500035 Debridement & Closure of Major injuries - contused lacerated wounds (anti-biotic + dressing) - minimum of 3 sessions No
504 Orthopaedics S500036 Debridement & Closure of Minor injuries No
505 Orthopaedics S500037 Closed reduction of dislocation (Knee/ Hip) No
506 Orthopaedics S500038 Closed reduction of dislocation (Shoulder/ Elbow) No
507 Orthopaedics S500039 Duputryen’s Contracture release + rehabilitation No
508 Orthopaedics S500040 Exploration and Ulnar nerve Repair No
509 Orthopaedics S500041 External fixation - Long bone No
510 Orthopaedics S500042 External fixation - Small bone No
511 Orthopaedics S500043 External fixation - Pelvis No
512 Orthopaedics S500044 Fasciotomy No
513 Orthopaedics S500045 Fixator with Joint Arthrolysis No
514 Orthopaedics S500046 Fracture - Acetabulum No
515 Orthopaedics S500047 Fracture - Fibula Internal Fixation No
516 Orthopaedics S500048 Fracture - Hip Internal Fixation (Intertrochanteric Fracture with implant) + rehabilitation No
517 Orthopaedics S500049 Fracture - Humerus Internal Fixation No
518 Orthopaedics S500050 Fracture - Olecranon of Ulna No
519 Orthopaedics S500051 Fracture - Radius Internal Fixation No
520 Orthopaedics S500052 Fracture - TIBIA Internal Fixation plating No
521 Orthopaedics S500053 Fracture - Ulna Internal Fixation No
522 Orthopaedics S500054 Head Radius – Excision No
523 Orthopaedics S500055 High Tibial Osteotomy No
524 Orthopaedics S500056 Closed reduction + Hip Spica No
525 Orthopaedics S500057 Internal Fixation Lateral Epicondyle No
526 Orthopaedics S500058 Internal Fixation of other Small Bones (metatarsals) No
527 Orthopaedics S500059 Limb Lengthening No
528 Orthopaedics S500060 Llizarov Fixation No
529 Orthopaedics S500061 Multiple Tendon Repair No
530 Orthopaedics S500062 Nerve Repair Surgery No
531 Orthopaedics S500063 Nerve Transposition/Release/ Neurolysis No
532 Orthopaedics S500064 Open Reduction Internal Fixation (2 Small Bones) No
533 Orthopaedics S500065 Open Reduction Internal Fixation (Large Bone) No
534 Orthopaedics S500066 Open Reduction of CDH No
535 Orthopaedics S500067 Open Reduction of Small Joint No
536 Orthopaedics S500068 Open Reduction with bone grafting of nonunion No
537 Orthopaedics S500069 Osteotomy -Small Bone No
538 Orthopaedics S500070 Osteotomy -Long Bone No
539 Orthopaedics S500071 Patellectomy No
540 Orthopaedics S500072 Pelvic Osteotomy with fixation with plaster No
541 Orthopaedics S500073 Percutaneous - Fixation of Fracture No
542 Orthopaedics S500074 Excision of Bursa No
543 Orthopaedics S500075 Reconstruction of ACL/PCL with implant and brace No
544 Orthopaedics S500076 Sequestrectomy of Long Bones + anti-biotics + dressing No
545 Orthopaedics S500077 Tendo Achilles Tenotomy No
546 Orthopaedics S500078 Tendon Grafting No
547 Orthopaedics S500079 Tendon Release/ Tenotomy No
548 Orthopaedics S500080 Tenolysis No
549 Orthopaedics S500081 Tension Band Wiring Patella No
550 Orthopaedics S500082 Application of POP casts for Upper & Lower Limbs Govt. Reserved
551 Orthopaedics S500083 Application of POP Spikas& Jackets Govt. Reserved
552 Orthopaedics S500084 Application of Skeletal Tractions with pin No
553 Orthopaedics S500085 Application of Skin Traction Govt. Reserved
554 Orthopaedics S500086 Head radius - Excision + Fracture - Ulna Internal Fixation No
555 Orthopaedics S500087 External fixation - both bones of forearms No
556 Orthopaedics S500088 Fracture intercondylarHumerus + olecranon osteotomy No
557 Orthopaedics S500089 Correction of club foot per cast No
558 Orthopaedics S500090 Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair/ Meniscectomy No
559 Orthopaedics S500091 Total Hip Replacement (cemented) Govt. Reserved
560 Orthopaedics S500092 Total Hip Replacement (cementless) Govt. Reserved
561 Orthopaedics S500093 Total Hip Replacement (hybrid) Govt. Reserved
562 Orthopaedics S500094 Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty (hip & shoulder) No
563 Orthopaedics S500095 Unipolar Hemiarthroplasty No
564 Orthopaedics S500096 Total Knee Replacement Govt. Reserved
565 Orthopaedics S500097 Elbow replacement No
566 Orthopaedics S500098 Arthrodesis of shoulder No
567 Orthopaedics S500099 Arthrodesis of Knee (with implant) No
568 Orthopaedics S500100 Arthrodesis of Wrist (with implant) No
569 Orthopaedics S500101 Arthrodesis of Ankle (with implant) No
570 Polytrauma S600001 Nerve Plexus injuries, Tendon injury repair/reconstruction/ Transfer No
571 Polytrauma S600002 Plexus injury along with Vascular injury repair/ graft No
572 Polytrauma S600003 Internal fixation with Flap cover Surgery for wound in compound fracture No
573 Polytrauma S600004 Head injury requiring Facio-Maxillary Injury repairs & fixations (including implants) No
574 Polytrauma S600005 Internal fixation of Pelviacetabular fracture No
575 Polytrauma S600006 Craniotomy and evacuation of Haematoma – subdural/Extra dural along with fixation of fracture of single long bone No
576 Polytrauma S600007 Craniotomy and evacuation of Haematoma – subdural/Extra dural along with fixation of fracture of 2 or more long bone No
577 Polytrauma S600008 Visceral injury requiring surgical intervention along with fixation of fracture of single long bone No
578 Polytrauma S600009 Visceral injury requiring surgical intervention along with fixation of fracture of 2 or more long bones No
579 Polytrauma S600010 Chest injury with one fracture of long bone (with implants) No
580 Polytrauma S600011 Chest injury with fracture of 2 or more long bones No
581 Polytrauma S600012 Emergency tendons repair ± Peripheral Nerve repair/ reconstructive surgery No
582 Urology S700001 Adrenalectomy-unilateral, open No
583 Urology S700002 Adrenalectomy-unilateral, Laparoscopic No
584 Urology S700003 Adrenalectomy-bilateral, open No
585 Urology S700004 Adrenalectomy-biilateral, Laparoscopic No
586 Urology S700005 Paraganglioma excision with liver mobilization No
587 Urology S700006 Nephrectomy (Benign) Open No
588 Urology S700007 Nephrectomy (Benign) Laparoscopic No
589 Urology S700008 Nephrectomy-Radical (Renal tumor) Open No
590 Urology S700009 Nephrectomy-Radical (Renal tumor) Laparoscopic No
591 Urology S700010 Nephrectomy-Partial or Hemi, Open No
592 Urology S700011 Nephrectomy-Partial or Hemi, Laparoscopic No
593 Urology S700012 Nephro ureterectomy (Benign) Open No
594 Urology S700013 Nephro ureterectomy (Benign) Laparoscopic No
595 Urology S700014 Nephro ureterectomy with cuff of bladder Open No
596 Urology S700015 Nephro ureterectomy with cuff of bladder Laparoscopic No
597 Urology S700016 Pyeloplasty/pyeloureterostomy/pyelopyelostomy Open No
598 Urology S700017 Pyeloplasty/pyeloureterostomy/pyelopyelostomy Laparoscopic No
599 Urology S700018 Endopyelotomy (retrograde with laser/bugbee) No
600 Urology S700019 Endopyelotomy (antegrade with laser/bugbee) No
601 Urology S700020 Ureterocalycostomy Open No
602 Urology S700021 Ureterocalycostomy Laparoscopic No
603 Urology S700022 Uretero-ureterostomy Open No
604 Urology S700023 Uretero-ureterostomy Laparoscopic No
605 Urology S700024 PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy) - Bilateral No
606 Urology S700025 PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy) - Unilateral No
607 Urology S700026 Extracoporeal shock-wave Lithotripsy (SWL) stone, with or without stent (one side) No
608 Urology S700027 Extracoporeal shock-wave Lithotripsy (SWL) stone, with or without stent (both sides) No
609 Urology S700028 Pyelolithotomy-Open No
610 Urology S700029 Pyelolithotomy-Laparoscopic No
611 Urology S700030 Nephrolithotomy-Open No
612 Urology S700031 Anatrophic nephrolithotomy No
613 Urology S700032 Perinephric Abscess drainage (percutaneous) No
614 Urology S700033 Perinephric Abscess drainage (Open) No
615 Urology S700034 Renal Cyst deroofing or marsupialization-Open No
616 Urology S700035 Renal Cyst deroofing or marsupialization-Laparoscopic No
617 Urology S700036 Nephrostomy-percutaneous ultrasound guided No
618 Urology S700037 Ureterolithotomy-Open No
619 Urology S700038 Ureterolithotomy-Laparoscopic No
620 Urology S700039 Ureteroscopy+stone removal with lithotripsy, lower ureter, unilateral No
621 Urology S700040 Ureteroscopy+stone removal with lithotripsy, upper ureter, unilateral No
622 Urology S700041 Ureteroscopy+stone removal with lithotripsy, bilateral No
623 Urology S700042 Ureterotomy (Cutaneous) No
624 Urology S700043 Endoureterotomy (laser/bugbee) No
625 Urology S700044 Ureteric reimplantation-unilateral-open No
626 Urology S700045 Ureteric reimplantation-bilateral-open No
627 Urology S700046 Ureteric reimplantation-unilateral-Laparoscopic No
628 Urology S700047 Ureteric reimplantation-bilateral-Laparoscopic No
629 Urology S700048 Uretero-vaginal/uterine fistula repair open No
630 Urology S700049 Uretero-vaginal/uterine fistula repair Laparoscopic No
631 Urology S700050 Ureterolysis-open, for retroperitoneal fibrosis (with or without omental wrapping) No
632 Urology S700051 Ureterolysis-Laparoscopic, for retroperitoneal fibrosis (with or without omental wrapping) No
633 Urology S700052 Boari flap for ureteric stricture, open No
634 Urology S700053 Boari flap for ureteric stricture, Laparoscopic No
635 Urology S700054 Ileal replacement for ureteric stricture No
636 Urology S700055 DJ stent unilateral including cystoscopy, ureteric catheterization, retrograde pyelogram No
637 Urology S700056 DJ stent bilateral including cystoscopy, ureteric catheterization, retrograde pyelogram No
638 Urology S700057 Ureteric sampling including cystoscopy, ureteric catheterization, retrograde pyelogram No
639 Urology S700058 Ureterocele incision including cystoscopy, ureteric catheterization, retrograde pyelogram No
640 Urology S700059 Urachal Cyst excision -open No
641 Urology S700060 Cystolithotomy-open, including cystoscopy No
642 Urology S700061 Cystolithotripsy/Urethral Stone endoscopic, including cystoscopy No
643 Urology S700062 TURBT (Transurethral Resection of the Bladder Tumor) No
644 Urology S700063 TUR-fulgration (Transurethral fulgration of the Bladder Tumor) No
645 Urology S700064 Intravesical BCG/Mitomycin 6 induction cycles (weekly for 6 weeks-total cost of 6 cycles) No
646 Urology S700065 Intravesical BCG/Mitomycin maintenance for 12 doses (total cost of 12 doses) No
647 Urology S700066 Post TURBT - Check Cystoscopy (Per sitting) with or without cold-cup biopsy No
648 Urology S700067 Diagnostic Cystoscopy No
649 Urology S700068 Bladder Neck incision-endoscopic No
650 Urology S700069 Extrophy Bladder repair including osteotomy if needed + epispadias repair + ureteric reimplant No
651 Urology S700070 Bladder injury repair (as an independent procedure with or without urethral injury) No
652 Urology S700071 Bladder injury repair (only to be used if done as a part of ongoing laparotomy/other surgery) No
653 Urology S700072 Bladder injury repair with colostomy (as an independent procedure with or without urethral injury) No
654 Urology S700073 Partial Cystectomy-open No
655 Urology S700074 Partial Cystectomy-Laparoscopic No
656 Urology S700075 Radical cystectomy with neobladder-open No
657 Urology S700076 Radical cystectomy with continent diversion-open No
658 Urology S700077 Radical Cystectomy with Ileal Conduit-open No
659 Urology S700078 Radical Cystectomy with ureterostomy-open No
660 Urology S700079 Radical Cystectomy with ureterosigmoidostomy-open No
661 Urology S700080 Other Cystectomies No
662 Urology S700081 Suprapubic Cystostomy - Open, as an independent procedure Govt. Reserved
663 Urology S700082 Suprapubic Drainage - Closed/Trocar Govt. Reserved
664 Urology S700083 VVF/Uterovaginal Repair - Transvaginal approach Govt. Reserved
665 Urology S700084 VVF/Uterovaginal Repair - Abdominal,Open Govt. Reserved
666 Urology S700085 VVF/Uterovaginal Repair - Abdominal, Laparoscopic Govt. Reserved
667 Urology S700086 Hysterectomy as part of VVF/uterovaginal fistula repair (top-up) Govt. Reserved
668 Urology S700087 Urethrovaginal fistula repair No
669 Urology S700088 Y V Plasty of Bladder Neck/Bladder Neck Reconstruction No
670 Urology S700089 Augmentation cystoplasty-open No
671 Urology S700090 Augmentation cystoplasty-Laparoscopic No
672 Urology S700091 Open bladder diverticulectomy with/without ureteric re-implantation No
673 Urology S700092 Open simple prostatetctomy for BPH Govt. Reserved
674 Urology S700093 TURP-Transurethral Resection of the Prostate, BPH, Monopolar/Bipolar/Laser No
675 Urology S700094 Holmium Laser Prostatectomy No
676 Urology S700095 TURP/Laser + Circumcision No
677 Urology S700096 TURP/Laser + Cystolithotripsy No
678 Urology S700097 TURP/Laser + Cystolithotomy-open No
679 Urology S700098 TURP/Laser + Orchidectomy No
680 Urology S700099 TURP/Laser + TURBT No
681 Urology S700100 TURP/Laser + URS with stone removal No
682 Urology S700101 TURP/Laser + VIU (visual internal Ureterotomy) No
683 Urology S700102 TURP/Laser + Hydrocele surgery No
684 Urology S700103 TURP/Laser + Hernioplasty No
685 Urology S700104 TURP/Laser + Urethral dilatation-non endoscopic No
686 Urology S700105 TURP/Laser + Urethral dilatation-endoscopic No
687 Urology S700106 Radical prostatectomy - open No
688 Urology S700107 Radical prostatectomy - laparoscopic No
689 Urology S700108 Transrectal Ultrasound guided prostate biopsy (minimum 12 core) No
690 Urology S700109 Reduction of Paraphimosis Govt. Reserved
691 Urology S700110 Excision of Urethral Caruncle No
692 Urology S700111 Meatoplasty No
693 Urology S700112 Meatotomy No
694 Urology S700113 Post Urethral Valve fulguration No
695 Urology S700114 Urethroplasty-End to end No
696 Urology S700115 Urethroplasty-Substitution-single stage No
697 Urology S700116 Urethroplasty-Substitution-two stage No
698 Urology S700117 Urethroplasty-Transpubic No
699 Urology S700118 Urethroplasty-two stage without substitution No
700 Urology S700119 Perineal Urethrostomy without closure No
701 Urology S700120 Urethrorectal fistula repair No
702 Urology S700121 Urethral Dilatation-non endocopic as an independent procedure No
703 Urology S700122 Urethral Dilatation-endocopic as an independent procedure No
704 Urology S700123 Internal Ureterotomy including cystoscopy as an independent procedure No
705 Urology S700124 Hypospadias repair-single stage No
706 Urology S700125 Hypospadias repair-two or more stage No
707 Urology S700126 Orchiopexy-without laparoscopy, unilateral No
708 Urology S700127 Orchiopexy-without laparoscopy, bilateral No
709 Urology S700128 Orchiopexy-with laparoscopy, unilateral No
710 Urology S700129 Orchiopexy-with laparoscopy, bilateral No
711 Urology S700130 Stress incontinence surgery, open No
712 Urology S700131 Stress incontinence surgery, laparoscopic No
713 Urology S700132 Stress incontinence surgery with slings No
714 Urology S700133 Partial Penectomy No
715 Urology S700134 Total Penectomy + Perineal Urethrostomy No
716 Urology S700135 Ilio-Inguinal lymphadenectomy-unilateral No
717 Urology S700136 Ilio-Inguinal lymphadenectomy-bilateral No
718 Urology S700137 Pelvic lymphadenectomy open, after prior cancer surgery No
719 Urology S700138 Pelvic lymphadenectomy laparoscopic, after prior cancer surgery No
720 Urology S700139 Orchiectomy-High inguinal No
721 Urology S700140 Orchiectomy-simple No
722 Urology S700141 Bilateral Orchidectomy for hormone ablation No
723 Urology S700142 Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection-open No
724 Urology S700143 Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection-Laparoscopic No
725 Urology S700144 Infertility-Scrotal exploration unilateral No
726 Urology S700145 Infertility-Scrotal exploration bilateral No
727 Urology S700146 Infertility-Vasoepididymostomy, microsurgical, unilateral No
728 Urology S700147 Infertility-Vasoepididymostomy, microsurgical, bilateral No
729 Urology S700148 Varicocele-unilateral-non microsurgical Govt. Reserved
730 Urology S700149 Varicocele-unilateral-microsurgical No
731 Urology S700150 Varicocele-bilateral-non microsurgical Govt. Reserved
732 Urology S700151 Varicocele-bilateral-microsurgical No
733 Urology S700152 Penile prosthesis insertion, Malleable (Indian implant) Govt. Reserved
734 Urology S700153 Priapism-aspiration/shunt No
735 Urology S700154 Neurogenic bladder-Package for evaluation/investigation (catheter + ultrasound + culture + RGU/ MCU) for 1 month (medicines - antibiotics) Follow up visit once in 3 months No
736 Urology S700155 Chronic prostatitis-Package for evaluation/investigation (ultrasound + culture + prostate massage) for 1 month (medicines) Follow up visit once in 3 months Govt. Reserved
737 Urology S700156 Emergency management of Ureteric stone - Package for evaluation/investigation (ultrasound + culture) for 3 weeks (medicines) No
738 Urology S700157 Emergency management of Hematuria No
739 Urology S700158 Emergency management of Acute retention of Urine Govt. Reserved
740 Urology S700159 Acute management of upper urinary tract trauma – conservative Govt. Reserved
741 Urology S700160 Urinary tract trauma – open surgery (exploratory) No
742 Urology S700161 Urinary tract trauma – Laparoscopy surgery No
743 Neurosurgery S800001 Anterior Encephalocele No
744 Neurosurgery S800002 Burr hole No
745 Neurosurgery S800003 Burr hole with chronic Sub Dural Haematoma (including pre and post Op CT) No
746 Neurosurgery S800004 Carpal Tunnel Release including pre and post Op MRI Govt. Reserved
747 Neurosurgery S800005 Cervical Ribs – Bilateral No
748 Neurosurgery S800006 Cervical Ribs – Unilateral No
749 Neurosurgery S800007 CranioPlasty - Endogenous graft No
750 Neurosurgery S800008 CranioPlasty - Exogenous graft No
751 Neurosurgery S800009 Craniostenosis No
752 Neurosurgery S800010 Duroplasty - Endogenous No
753 Neurosurgery S800011 Duroplasty - Exogenous No
754 Neurosurgery S800012 Haematoma - Brain (head injuries) (including pre and post Op CT) No
755 Neurosurgery S800013 Haematoma - Brain (hypertensive) No
756 Neurosurgery S800014 Haematoma (Child subdural) inclusive of General anaesthesia, pre and post Op CT No
757 Neurosurgery S800015 Laminectomy with Fusion and fixation Govt. Reserved
758 Neurosurgery S800016 Laminectomy with Fusion Govt. Reserved
759 Neurosurgery S800017 Local Neurectomy No
760 Neurosurgery S800018 Lumbar Disc including pre and post Op MRI Govt. Reserved
761 Neurosurgery S800019 Meningocele – Anterior No
762 Neurosurgery S800020 Meningocele – Lumbar No
763 Neurosurgery S800021 Meningococcal – Occipital No
764 Neurosurgery S800022 Micro discectomy – Cervical No
765 Neurosurgery S800023 Micro discectomy – Lumbar No
766 Neurosurgery S800024 Brachial Plexus – Repair No
767 Neurosurgery S800025 Shunt (peritoneal, ventriculo-atrial/ peritoneal, theco peritoneal) No
768 Neurosurgery S800026 Skull Traction No
769 Neurosurgery S800027 Spine - Canal Stenosis No
770 Neurosurgery S800028 Spine - Decompression & Fusion No
771 Neurosurgery S800029 Spine - Decompression & Fusion with fixation No
772 Neurosurgery S800030 Spine - Extradural Tumour No
773 Neurosurgery S800031 Spine - Extradural Tumour with fixation No
774 Neurosurgery S800032 Spine - Extradural Haematoma No
775 Neurosurgery S800033 Spine - Extradural Haematoma with fixation No
776 Neurosurgery S800034 Spine - Intradural Tumour No
777 Neurosurgery S800035 Spine - Intradural Tumour with fixation No
778 Neurosurgery S800036 Spine - Intradural Haematoma No
779 Neurosurgery S800037 Spine - Intradural Haematoma with fixation No
780 Neurosurgery S800038 Spine - Intramedullar Tumour No
781 Neurosurgery S800039 Spine - Intramedullar Tumour - fixation No
782 Neurosurgery S800040 Trans Sphenoidal including pre and post Op MRI No
783 Neurosurgery S800041 Tumours – Supratentorial No
784 Neurosurgery S800042 Tumours Meninges – Gocussa No
785 Neurosurgery S800043 Tumours Meninges – Posterior No
786 Neurosurgery S800044 Ventricular Puncture No
787 Neurosurgery S800045 Brain Biopsy No
788 Neurosurgery S800046 Cranial Nerve Anastomosis No
789 Neurosurgery S800047 Depressed Fracture No
790 Neurosurgery S800048 Nerve Biopsy excluding Hensens No
791 Neurosurgery S800049 Peripheral Neurectomy (Trigeminal) No
792 Neurosurgery S800050 RF Lesion for Trigeminal Neuralgia No
793 Neurosurgery S800051 Twist Drill Craniostomy No
794 Neurosurgery S800052 Excision of Brain TumorSupratentorial-Parasagital No
795 Neurosurgery S800053 Excision of Brain TumorSupratentorial-Basal No
796 Neurosurgery S800054 Excision of Brain TumorSupratentorial-Brainstem No
797 Neurosurgery S800055 Excision of Brain TumorSupratentorial-C P Angle No
798 Neurosurgery S800056 Excision of Brain TumorSupratentorial& others No
799 Neurosurgery S800057 Abscess Tapping single No
800 Neurosurgery S800058 Abscess Tapping multiple No
801 Neurosurgery S800059 Excision of Brain Abscess No
802 Neurosurgery S800060 Aneurysm Clipping including angiogram No
803 Interventional Neuroradiology S900061 Additonal clip for Aneurysm Clipping No
804 Neurosurgery S800062 External Ventricular Drainage (EVD) including antibiotics No
805 Neurosurgery S800063 Spinal Fusion Procedure with implant No
806 Neurosurgery S800064 Spina Bifida Surgery No
807 Neurosurgery S800065 Stereotactic Lesioning No
808 Neurosurgery S800066 Posterior Cervical Discetomy without implant No
809 Neurosurgery S800067 Posterior Cervical Fusion with implant (Lateral mass fixation) No
810 Neurosurgery S800068 Cervical Disc Multiple level without Fusion No
811 Neurosurgery S800069 Thoracic/Lumbar Corpectomy with fusion inclusive of implant No
812 Neurosurgery S800070 Transoral surgery (Anterior) and CV Junction (Posterior Sterlization) No
813 Neurosurgery S800071 Trans oral Surgery No
814 Neurosurgery S800072 Foramen Magnum Decompression No
815 Neurosurgery S800073 Endoscopic CSF Rhinorrhea Repair No
816 Neurosurgery S800074 Muscle Biopsy with report No
817 Neurosurgery S800075 Nerve Decompression No
818 Neurosurgery S800076 Peripheral Nerve Surgery Major No
819 Neurosurgery S800077 Peripheral Nerve Surgery Minor No
820 Neurosurgery S800078 Epilepsy Surgery No
821 Neurosurgery S800079 Arterio venous malformation (AVM) excision (whatever size and location) No
822 Neurosurgery S800080 Scalp Arterio venous malformation (AVM) No
823 Neurosurgery S800081 Superficial Temporal Artery (STA): middle cerebral artery (MCA) or (other EC - IC) Bypass procedure No
824 Neurosurgery S800082 Excision of Orbital Tumour No
825 Neurosurgery S800083 Gamma Knife radiosurgery (GKRS)/ SRS for tumours/ Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) No
826 Interventional Neuroradiology S900001 Coil embolization for aneurysms (includes cost of first 3 coils + balloon and/ or stent if used) 1 to 20 coils may be required as per need No
827 Interventional Neuroradiology S900002 Additional coil for coil embolization for aneurysms No
828 Interventional Neuroradiology S900003 Dural AVMs/AVFs (per sitting) with glue No
829 Interventional Neuroradiology S900004 Dural AVMs/AVFs (per sitting) with onyx No
830 Interventional Neuroradiology S900005 Carotico-cavernous Fistula (CCF) embolization with coils [includes 5 coils, guide catheter, micro-catheter, micro-guidewire, general items] No
831 Interventional Neuroradiology S900006 Carotid-cavernous Fistula (CCF) embolization with balloon (includes one balloon, guide catheter, micro-catheter, micro-guidewire, general items) No
832 Interventional Neuroradiology S900007 Cerebral & Spinal AVM embolization (per sitting) Using Histoacryl No
833 Interventional Neuroradiology S900008 Parent vessel occlusion - Basic No
834 Interventional Neuroradiology S900009 Additonal coil for Parent Vessel Occlusion No
835 Interventional Neuroradiology S900010 Additonal balloon for Parent Vessel Occlusion No
836 Interventional Neuroradiology S900011 Balloon test occlusion No
837 Interventional Neuroradiology S900012 Intracranial balloon angioplasty with stenting No
838 Interventional Neuroradiology S900013 Intracranial thrombolysis / clot retrieval No
839 Interventional Neuroradiology S900014 Pre-operative tumour embolization (per session) No
840 Interventional Neuroradiology S900015 Vertebroplasty No
841 Plastic & reconstructive S1000001 Ear Pinna Reconstruction with costal cartilage/ Prosthesis (including the cost of prosthesis/implants) *If requiring multiple stages, each stage will cost Rs 30,000 provided the operating surgeon demonstrates the photographic results of previous stages No
842 Plastic & reconstructive S1000002 Revascularization of limb/digit No
843 Plastic & reconstructive S1000003 Hemangioma – Sclerotherapy (under GA) No
844 Plastic & reconstructive S1000004 Hemangioma – Debulking/ Excision No
845 Plastic & reconstructive S1000005 Tissue Expander for disfigurement following burns/ trauma/ congenital deformity (including cost of expander / implant) No
846 Plastic & reconstructive S1000006 Scalp avulsion reconstruction No
847 Plastic & reconstructive S1000007 NPWT (Inpatient only) No
848 Plastic & reconstructive S1000008 Pressure Sore – Surgery No
849 Plastic & reconstructive S1000009 Diabetic Foot – Surgery No
850 Burns management S1100001 % Total Body Surface Area Burns (TBSA) (thermal/ scald/ flame burns) - any % (not requiring admission) Needs at least 5-6 dressing No
851 Burns management S1100002 % Total Body Surface Area Burns (TBSA) (thermal/ scald/ flame burns): Upto 40 %, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
852 Burns management S1100003 % Total Body Surface Area Burns (TBSA) (thermal/ scald/ flame burns): 40 % - 60 %, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
853 Burns management S1100004 % Total Body Surface Area Burns (TBSA) (thermal/ scald/ flame burns): > 60 %, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
854 Burns management S1100005 Electrical contact burns: Low voltage- without part of limb/limb loss, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
855 Burns management S1100006 Electrical contact burns: Low voltage- with part of limb/limb loss, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
856 Burns management S1100007 Electrical contact burns: High voltage- without part of limb/limb loss, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
857 Burns management S1100008 Electrical contact burns: High voltage- with part of limb/limb loss, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
858 Burns management S1100009 Chemical burns: Without significant facial scarring and/or loss of function, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
859 Burns management S1100010 Chemical burns: With significant facial scarring and/or loss of function, Includes % TBSA skin grafted, flap cover, follow-up dressings etc as deemed necessary, Surgical procedures are required for deep burns that are not amenable to heal with dressings alone No
860 Burns management S1100011 Post Burn Contracture surgeries for Functional Improvement (Package including splints, pressure garments, silicone-gel sheet and physiotherapy): Excluding Neck contracture, Contracture release with - Split thickness Skin Graft (STSG) / Full Thickness Skin Graft (FTSG)/ Flap cover is done for each joint with post-operative regular dressings for STSG / FTSG / Flap cover No
861 Burns management S1100012 Post Burn Contracture surgeries for Functional Improvement (Package including splints, pressure garments, silicone-gel sheet and physiotherapy): Neck contracture, Contracture release with - Split thickness Skin Graft (STSG) / Full Thickness Skin Graft (FTSG)/ Flap cover is done for each joint with post-operative regular dressings for STSG / FTSG / Flap cover No
862 Cardiology S1200001 Balloon Atrial Septostomy No
863 Cardiology S1200002 Balloon Aortic Valvotomy No
864 Cardiology S1200003 Balloon Mitral Valvotomy No
865 Cardiology S1200004 Balloon Pulmonary Valvotomy No
866 Cardiology S1200005 Vertebral Angioplasty with single stent (medicated) No
867 Cardiology S1200006 Vertebral Angioplasty with double stent(medicated) No
868 Cardiology S1200007 Carotid angioplasty with stent (medicated) No
869 Cardiology S1200008 Renal Angioplasty with single stent (medicated) No
870 Cardiology S1200009 Renal Angioplasty with double stent (medicated) No
871 Cardiology S1200010 Peripheral Angioplasty with balloon No
872 Cardiology S1200011 Peripheral Angioplasty with stent (medicated) No
873 Cardiology S1200012 Coarctation dilatation No
874 Cardiology S1200013 Medical treatment of Acute MI with Thrombolysis /Stuck Valve Thrombolysis No
875 Cardiology S1200014 ASD Device Closure No
876 Cardiology S1200015 VSD Device Closure No
877 Cardiology S1200016 PDA Device Closure No
878 Cardiology S1200017 PDA multiple Coil insertion No
879 Cardiology S1200018 PDA Coil (one) insertion No
880 Cardiology S1200019 PDA stenting No
881 Cardiology S1200020 Pericardiocentesis No
882 Cardiology S1200021 Temporary Pacemaker implantation No
883 Cardiology S1200022 Permanent pacemaker implantation (only VVI) including Pacemaker value/pulse generator replacement (DOUBLE CHAMBER) No
884 Cardiology S1200023 Permanent pacemaker implantation (only VVI) including Pacemaker value/pulse generator replacement (SINGLE CHAMBER) No
885 Cardiology S1200024 PTCA - single stent (medicated, inclusive of diagnostic angiogram) No
886 Cardiology S1200025 PTCA - double stent (medicated, inclusive of diagnostic angiogram) No
887 Cardiology S1200026 PTCA - additonal stent (linked to package no:0025) No
888 Cardiology S1200027 PTSMA No
889 Cardiology S1200028 Pulmonary artery stenting No
890 Cardiology S1200029 Pulmonary artery stenting (double) No
891 Cardiology S1200030 Right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) stenting No
892 Cardiology S1200031 Rotablation+ Balloon Angioplasty No
893 Cardiology S1200032 Rotablation+ Balloon Angioplasty + 1 stent (medicated) No
894 Cardiology S1200033 Rotablation+ Balloon Angioplasty + 2 stent (medicated) No
895 Cardiology S1200034 Thrombolysis for peripheral ischemia No
896 Cardiology S1200035 Bronchial artery Embolisation (for Haemoptysis) No
897 Cardiology S1200036 Percutaneous Transluminal Tricuspid Commissurotormy (PTTC) No
898 Cardiology S1200037 Coiling - Pseudoaneurysms of Abdomen No
899 Cardiology S1200038 Embolization - Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) in the Limbs No
900 Cardiology S1200039 Catheter directed Thrombolysis for: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), Mesenteric Thrombosis & Peripheral vessels No
901 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300001 Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) No
902 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300002 Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) with Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) No
903 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300003 Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) + one mechanical Valve Replacement + Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) No
904 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300004 Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) with LV Aneurysmal repair No
905 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300005 Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) with Mitral Valve repair without ring No
906 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300006 Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) with Mitral Valve repair with ring No
907 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300007 Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) with post MI Ventricular Septal Defect (Ventricular Septal Defect) repair No
908 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300008 Open Mitral Valvotomy No
909 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300009 Closed Mitral Valvotomy No
910 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300010 Open Pulmonary Valvotomy No
911 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300011 Mitral Valve Repair No
912 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300012 Tricuspid Valve Repair No
913 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300013 Aortic Valve Repair No
914 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300014 Ring for any Valve Repair No
915 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300015 Mitral Valve Replacement (mechanical valve) No
916 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300016 Mitral Valve Replacement (biological valve) No
917 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300017 Aortic Valve Replacement (mechanical valve) No
918 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300018 Aortic Valve Replacement (biological valve) No
919 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300019 Tricuspid Valve Replacement (mechanical valve) No
920 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300020 Tricuspid Valve Replacement (biological valve) No
921 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300021 Double Valve Replacement (mechanical valve) No
922 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300022 Double Valve Replacement (biological valve) No
923 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300023 Ross Procedure No
924 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300024 Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) No
925 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300025 Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) No
926 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300026 Atrioventricular septal defect/ Atrioventricular (AV) Canal Defect No
927 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300027 Intracardiac repair (ICR) for Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) No
928 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300028 Pulmonary Valvotomy + Right Ventricular Outflow Tract (RVOT) Resection No
929 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300029 Aortopulmonary Window (AP Window) No
930 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300030 Surgery for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy (HOCM) No
931 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300031 Ebsteins No
932 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300032 Fontan No
933 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300033 Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (TAPVC) No
934 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300034 Any RV to PA conduit (Valved) No
935 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300035 Arterial Switch Operation No
936 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300036 Double Switch Operation No
937 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300037 Sennings No
938 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300038 Mustards No
939 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300039 Truncus Arteriosus Surgery No
940 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300040 Root Replacement (Aortic Aneurysm/ Aortic Dissection) / Bental Procedure No
941 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300041 Aortic Arch Replacement No
942 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300042 Aortic Aneurysm Repair using Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) No
943 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300043 Aortic Aneurysm Repair without using Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) No
944 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300044 Pulmonary Embolectomy No
945 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300045 Surgery for Cardiac Tumour/ Left Atrial (LA) Myxoma/ Right Atrial (RA) Myxoma No
946 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300046 Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Closure No
947 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300047 Coarctation Repair No
948 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300048 Coarctation Repair with interpostion graft No
949 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300049 Blalock–Thomas–Taussig (BT) Shunt (inclusives of grafts) No
950 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300050 Glenn Shunt (without cardiopulmonary bypass) No
951 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300051 Central Shunt No
952 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300052 Pericardiectomy No
953 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300053 Pulmonary AV Fistula surgery No
954 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300054 Lung Cyst No
955 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300055 Space-Occupying Lesion (SOL) mediastinum No
956 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300056 Surgical Correction of Bronchopleural Fistula No
957 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300057 Diaphragmatic Eventeration No
958 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300058 Oesophageal Diverticula /Achalasia Cardia No
959 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300059 Diaphragmatic Injuries/Repair No
960 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300060 Thoracotomy, Thoraco Abdominal Approach No
961 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300061 Foreign Body Removal with scope No
962 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300062 Bronchial Repair Surgery for Injuries due to FB No
963 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300063 Lung Injury repair No
964 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300064 Thyomectomy No
965 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300065 Pulmonary Valve Replacement No
966 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300066 Intercostal Drainage and Management of ICD, Intercostal Block, Antibiotics & Physiotherapy No
967 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300067 Encysted Empyema/Pleural Effusion - Tubercular No
968 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300068 First rib Excision by transaxillary approach, Excision of cervical rib / fibrous band / muscle by cervical approach No
969 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300069 Congenital Cystic Lesions No
970 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300070 Pulmonary Sequestration Resection No
971 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300071 Pulmonary artero venous malformation No
972 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300072 Thromboembolectomy (pre-auth not required, usually done as emergency) No
973 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300073 Surgery for Arterial Aneursysm -Upper/Distal Abdominal Aorta No
974 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300074 Intrathoracic Aneurysm-Aneurysm not Requiring Bypass Techniques No
975 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300075 Intrathoracic Aneurysm-Requiring Bypass Techniques No
976 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300076 Surgery for Arterial Aneurysm Renal Artery No
977 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300077 Operations for Congenital Arteriovenous Fistula No
978 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300078 Operations for Stenosis of Renal Arteries No
979 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300079 Aorto Bi-lliac / Bi femoral /Axillo bi femoral bypass with Synthetic Graft No
980 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300080 Femoro Distal / Femoral - Femoral / Femoral infra popliteal Bypass with Vein Graft No
981 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300081 Femoro Distal / Femoral - Femoral / Femoral infra popliteal Bypass with Synthetic Graft No
982 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300082 Axillo Brachial Bypass using with Synthetic Graft No
983 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300083 Brachio - Radial Bypass with Synthetic Graft No
984 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300084 Excision of body Tumor with vascular repair No
985 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300085 Carotid artery bypass with Synthetic Graft No
986 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300086 Excision of Arterio Venous malformation - Large No
987 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300087 Excision of Arterio Venous malformation - Small No
988 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300088 Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filter No
989 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300089 Carotid endarterectomy No
990 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300090 Aortic Angioplasty with two stents / Iliac angioplasty with stent Bilateral No
991 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300091 Bilateral thrombo embolectomy No
992 Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery S1300092 Aorto-uni-iliac/uni-femoral bypass with synthetic graft No
993 Paediatric surgery S1400001 Ankyloglossia Major No
994 Paediatric surgery S1400002 Ankyloglossia Minor No
995 Paediatric surgery S1400003 Hernia & Hydrocele No
996 Paediatric surgery S1400004 Sacrococcygeal Teratoma No
997 Paediatric surgery S1400005 Undescended Testis - Bilateral-Palp + Nonpalp No
998 Paediatric surgery S1400006 Undescended Testis - Bilateral Palpable No
999 Paediatric surgery S1400007 Undescended Testis - Bilateral Non-Palpable No
1000 Paediatric surgery S1400008 Undescended Testis - Reexploration/ Second Stage No
1001 Paediatric surgery S1400009 Undescended Testis - Unilateral-Palpable No
1002 Paediatric surgery S1400010 Ano Rectal Malformation - Abd-Perineal PSARP No
1003 Paediatric surgery S1400011 Ano Rectal Malformation – Anoplasty No
1004 Paediatric surgery S1400012 Ano Rectal Malformation – Cutback No
1005 Paediatric surgery S1400013 Ano Rectal Malformation - PSARP No
1006 Paediatric surgery S1400014 Ano Rectal Malformation - Redo Pullthrough No
1007 Paediatric surgery S1400015 Ano Rectal Malformation - Transposition No
1008 Paediatric surgery S1400016 Anti GERD Surgery No
1009 Paediatric surgery S1400017 Duplication Cyst Excision No
1010 Paediatric surgery S1400018 Fecal Fistula Closure No
1011 Paediatric surgery S1400019 Gastrostomy + Esophagoscopy+ Threading No
1012 Paediatric surgery S1400020 GI Tumor Excision No
1013 Paediatric surgery S1400021 Hirschsprung’s Disease - Myectomy No
1014 Paediatric surgery S1400022 Hirschsprung’s Disease - Pull Through No
1015 Paediatric surgery S1400023 Hirschsprung’s Disease - Retal Biopsy-Punch No
1016 Paediatric surgery S1400024 Hirschsprung’s Disease - Retal Biopsy –Open No
1017 Paediatric surgery S1400025 Hirschsprung’s Disease - Sphinecterotomy No
1018 Paediatric surgery S1400026 Intussusception - Non –Operative Reduction in infants No
1019 Paediatric surgery S1400027 Intussusception – Operative in infants No
1020 Paediatric surgery S1400028 Ladds Procedure No
1021 Paediatric surgery S1400029 Rectal Polypectomy - Sigmoiescopic (Ga) No
1022 Paediatric surgery S1400030 Retro-Peritoneal Lymphangioma Excision No
1023 Paediatric surgery S1400031 Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia No
1024 Paediatric surgery S1400032 Congenital Lobar Emphysema No
1025 Paediatric surgery S1400033 Exomphalos/gastroschisis No
1026 Paediatric surgery S1400034 Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery (per stage) No
1027 Surgical Oncology S1500001 Tracheal resection No
1028 Surgical Oncology S1500002 Sternotomy with superior mediastinal dissection No
1029 Surgical Oncology S1500003 Substernal bypass No
1030 Surgical Oncology S1500004 Resection of nasopharyngeal tumour No
1031 Surgical Oncology S1500005 Myocutaneous flap No
1032 Surgical Oncology S1500006 Fasciocutaneous flap No
1033 Surgical Oncology S1500007 Palatectomy- Soft palate No
1034 Surgical Oncology S1500008 Palatectomy- Hard palate No
1035 Surgical Oncology S1500009 Microvascular reconstruction No
1036 Surgical Oncology S1500010 Composite resection No
1037 Surgical Oncology S1500011 Composite resection with reconstruction(excluding microvascular) No
1038 Surgical Oncology S1500012 Neck dissection-selective No
1039 Surgical Oncology S1500013 Neck dissection-comprehensive No
1040 Surgical Oncology S1500014 Total Maxillectomy No
1041 Surgical Oncology S1500015 Radical Maxillectomy No
1042 Surgical Oncology S1500016 Radical parotidectomy No
1043 Surgical Oncology S1500017 Partial laryngectomy ( voice preserving) No
1044 Surgical Oncology S1500018 Voice prosthesis No
1045 Surgical Oncology S1500019 Total Thyroidectomy with central compartment LN dissection No
1046 Surgical Oncology S1500020 Total Thyroidectomy with central compartment LN dissection with Lateral LN dissection No
1047 Surgical Oncology S1500021 Tracheostomy No
1048 Surgical Oncology S1500022 Axillary dissection No
1049 Surgical Oncology S1500023 Breast conserving surgery (lumpectomy + axillary surgery) No
1050 Surgical Oncology S1500024 Lung metastectomy- solitary No
1051 Surgical Oncology S1500025 Lung metastectomy- multiple (< four) No
1052 Surgical Oncology S1500026 Lung metastectomy- multiple (> four) No
1053 Surgical Oncology S1500027 Sleeve resection of lung cancer No
1054 Surgical Oncology S1500028 Oesophagectomy with two field lymphadenectomy No
1055 Surgical Oncology S1500029 Oesophagectomy with three field lymphadenectomy No
1056 Surgical Oncology S1500030 Enucleation of pancreatic neoplasm No
1057 Surgical Oncology S1500031 Radical Cholecystectomy No
1058 Surgical Oncology S1500032 Abdominal wall tumour resection No
1059 Surgical Oncology S1500033 Abdominal wall tumour resection with reconstruction No
1060 Surgical Oncology S1500034 Oesophageal stenting including stent cost No
1061 Surgical Oncology S1500035 Triple bypass GI tract No
1062 Surgical Oncology S1500036 Segmentectomy- hepatobiliary system No
1063 Surgical Oncology S1500037 Radical Hysterectomy + Bilateral pelvic lymph node dissection + bilateral salpingo ophorectomy (BSO)/ ovarian transposition No
1064 Surgical Oncology S1500038 Skin Tumours Wide Excision + Reconstruction No
1065 Surgical Oncology S1500039 Skin Tumours Amputation No
1066 Surgical Oncology S1500040 Radical Vaginectomy No
1067 Surgical Oncology S1500041 Radical Vaginectomy + Reconstruction No
1068 Surgical Oncology S1500042 Bilateral Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (BPLND) No
1069 Surgical Oncology S1500043 Radical Trachelectomy No
1070 Surgical Oncology S1500044 Vulvectomy with bilateral groin dissection No
1071 Surgical Oncology S1500045 Limb salvage surgery for bone tumor with prosthesis No
1072 Surgical Oncology S1500046 Hemipelvectomy No
1073 Surgical Oncology S1500047 Sacral resection No
1074 Surgical Oncology S1500048 Chest wall resection with reconstruction for soft tissue / bone tumors No
1075 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600001 Fixation of fracture of jaw with closed reduction (1 jaw) using wires - under LA No
1076 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600002 Fixation of fracture of jaw with open reduction (1 jaw) and fixing of plates/ wire – under GA No
1077 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600003 Sequestrectomy No
1078 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600004 TM joint ankylosis of both jaws - under GA  No
1079 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600005 Release of fibrous bands & grafting -in (OSMF) treatment under GA  No
1080 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600006 Extraction of impacted tooth under LA  No
1081 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600007 Cyst & tumour of Maxilla/mandible by enucleation/excision/marsupialization under LA   No
1082 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600008 Mandible Tumour Resection and reconstruction/Cancer surgery No
1083 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S1600009 Cleft lip and palate surgery (each stage) No
1084 General Medicine M100001 Acute gastroenteritis with moderate dehydration Govt. Reserved
1085 General Medicine M100002 Recurrent vomiting with dehydration Govt. Reserved
1086 General Medicine M100003 Dysentery Govt. Reserved
1087 General Medicine M100004 Renal colic Govt. Reserved
1088 General Medicine M100005 Acute bronchitis Govt. Reserved
1089 General Medicine M100006 Pneumothroax Govt. Reserved
1090 General Medicine M100007 Accelerated hypertension Govt. Reserved
1091 General Medicine M100008 Congestive heart failure Govt. Reserved
1092 General Medicine M100009 Severe anemia Govt. Reserved
1093 General Medicine M100010 Diabetic ketoacidosis Govt. Reserved
1094 General Medicine M100011 Acute febrile illness Govt. Reserved
1095 General Medicine M100012 Acutre excaberation of COPD Govt. Reserved
1096 General Medicine M100013 UTI Govt. Reserved
1097 General Medicine M100014 Malaria Govt. Reserved
1098 General Medicine M100015 Dengue fever Govt. Reserved
1099 General Medicine M100016 Chikungunya fever Govt. Reserved
1100 General Medicine M100017 Leptospirosis Govt. Reserved
1101 General Medicine M100018 Enteric fever Govt. Reserved
1102 General Medicine M100019 Pneumonia Govt. Reserved
1103 General Medicine M100020 Acute excaberation of ILD Govt. Reserved
1104 General Medicine M100021 Liver abscess Govt. Reserved
1105 General Medicine M100022 Acute viral hepatitis Govt. Reserved
1106 General Medicine M100023 Snake bite Govt. Reserved
1107 General Medicine M100024 Acute organophosphorus poisoning Govt. Reserved
1108 General Medicine M100025 Other poisoning Govt. Reserved
1109 General Medicine M100026 Pyrexia of unknown origin Govt. Reserved
1110 General Medicine M100027 Pericardial/ Pleural tuberculosis Govt. Reserved
1111 General Medicine M100028 Systematic lupus erythematosus Govt. Reserved
1112 General Medicine M100029 Vasculitis Govt. Reserved
1113 General Medicine M100030 Seizures Govt. Reserved
1114 General Medicine M100031 Bacterial/ fungal endocarditis Govt. Reserved
1115 General Medicine M100032 Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy Govt. Reserved
1116 General Medicine M100033 Lung abscess/ Empyema Govt. Reserved
1117 General Medicine M100034 Acute and chronic meningitis Govt. Reserved
1118 General Medicine M100035 Viral encephalitis Govt. Reserved
1119 General Medicine M100036 Persistent/ Chronic diarrohea Govt. Reserved
1120 General Medicine M100037 Acute and chronic pancreatitis Govt. Reserved
1121 General Medicine M100038 Visceral leishmaniasis Govt. Reserved
1122 General Medicine M100039 HIV with complications Govt. Reserved
1123 General Medicine M100040 Neuromuscular disorders Govt. Reserved
1124 General Medicine M100041 Metabolic encephalopathy Govt. Reserved
1125 General Medicine M100042 Sickle cell Anemia Govt. Reserved
1126 General Medicine M100043 Poisonings with unstable vitals No
1127 General Medicine M100044 Type 1/2 respiratory failure Govt. Reserved
1128 General Medicine M100045 Acute asthmatic attack Govt. Reserved
1129 General Medicine M100046 Acutre excaberation of COPD Govt. Reserved
1130 General Medicine M100047 Severe pneumonia Govt. Reserved
1131 General Medicine M100048 Acute gastroenteritis with severe dehydration Govt. Reserved
1132 General Medicine M100049 Hypertensive emergencies No
1133 General Medicine M100050 Dengue hemorrhagic fever/Dengue shock syndrome No
1134 General Medicine M100051 Complicated malaria No
1135 General Medicine M100052 Heat stroke Govt. Reserved
1136 General Medicine M100053 Hyperosmolar Non-Ketotic coma No
1137 General Medicine M100054 Cerebrovascular accident No
1138 General Medicine M100055 Severe sepsis/Septic shock Govt. Reserved
1139 General Medicine M100056 Upper GI bleeding (conservative) Govt. Reserved
1140 General Medicine M100057 Upper GI bleeding (endoscopic) Govt. Reserved
1141 General Medicine M100058 Lower GI hemorrhage Govt. Reserved
1142 General Medicine M100059 Immune mediated CNS disorders such as autoimmune encephalitis No
1143 General Medicine M100060 Acute transverse myelitis No
1144 General Medicine M100061 Guillian Barre Syndrome No
1145 General Medicine M100062 Hydrocephalus No
1146 General Medicine M100063 Cerebral sino-venous thrombosis No
1147 General Medicine M100064 AKI/ renal failure(dialysis payable separately as an add on package for ) No
1148 General Medicine M100065 Status epilepticus No
1149 General Medicine M100066 Status asthmaticus No
1150 General Medicine M100067 Respiratory failure due to any cause (pneumonia, asthma, COPD, ARDS, foreign body, poisoning, head injury etc) No
1151 General Medicine M100068 Blood and blood component transfusion (admission for a diagnostic procedure leading to treatment requiring admission, eg bone marrow and bone biopsy, endoscopy, liver biopsy, bronchoscopy, CT/MRI under GA, broncho-alveolar lavage, lumbar puncture, muscle biopsy, pleural aspiration, ascitic tapping etc) No
1152 General Medicine M100069 Plasmapheresis - per session No
1153 General Medicine M100070 Haemodialysis/Peritoneal Dialysis (only for ARF) - per session No
1154 General Medicine M100071 High end radiological diagnostic (CT, MRI, Imaging including nuclear imaging) - can only be clubbed with medical package Rs 5000 per annum limit to a family No
1155 General Medicine M100072 High end histopathology (Biopsies) and advanced serology investigations - can only be clubbed with medical package Rs 5000 per annum limit to a family No
1156 Paediatric medical management M200001 Diarrhoea Govt. Reserved
1157 Paediatric medical management M200002 Acute dysentery Govt. Reserved
1158 Paediatric medical management M200003 Pneumonia Govt. Reserved
1159 Paediatric medical management M200004 Urinary tract infection Govt. Reserved
1160 Paediatric medical management M200005 Acute Exacerbation of asthma Govt. Reserved
1161 Paediatric medical management M200006 Acute glomerulonephritis Govt. Reserved
1162 Paediatric medical management M200007 Acute urticaria/ Anaphylaxis acute asthma Govt. Reserved
1163 Paediatric medical management M200008 Poisonings with normal vital signs Govt. Reserved
1164 Paediatric medical management M200009 Febrile seizures/other seizures Govt. Reserved
1165 Paediatric medical management M200010 Epileptic encephalopathy Govt. Reserved
1166 Paediatric medical management M200011 Optic neuritis Govt. Reserved
1167 Paediatric medical management M200012 Aseptic meningitis Govt. Reserved
1168 Paediatric medical management M200013 Trauma Govt. Reserved
1169 Paediatric medical management M200014 Pyrexia of unexplained origin Govt. Reserved
1170 Paediatric medical management M200015 Chronic cough Govt. Reserved
1171 Paediatric medical management M200016 Wheezing No
1172 Paediatric medical management M200017 Unexplained seizures No
1173 Paediatric medical management M200018 Global developmental delay/ Intellectual disability of unknown etiology No
1174 Paediatric medical management M200019 Dysmorphic children No
1175 Paediatric medical management M200020 Rickets Govt. Reserved
1176 Paediatric medical management M200021 Unexplained severe anemia No
1177 Paediatric medical management M200022 Short stature No
1178 Paediatric medical management M200023 Musculoskeletal problems No
1179 Paediatric medical management M200024 Developmental and behavioral disorders No
1180 Paediatric medical management M200025 Diabetic ketoacidosis No
1181 Paediatric medical management M200026 Nephrotic syndrome with peritonitis No
1182 Paediatric medical management M200027 Pyogenic meningitis No
1183 Paediatric medical management M200028 Persistent/ Chronic diarrhea No
1184 Paediatric medical management M200029 Acute severe malnutrition No
1185 Paediatric medical management M200030 Dengue No
1186 Paediatric medical management M200031 Enteric fever No
1187 Paediatric medical management M200032 Chikungunya No
1188 Paediatric medical management M200033 Acute hepatitis No
1189 Paediatric medical management M200034 Kala azar No
1190 Paediatric medical management M200035 Tuberculosis No
1191 Paediatric medical management M200036 HIV with complications No
1192 Paediatric medical management M200037 Infantile cholestasis No
1193 Paediatric medical management M200038 Haemolytic uremic syndrome No
1194 Paediatric medical management M200039 ITP No
1195 Paediatric medical management M200040 Juvenile myasthenia No
1196 Paediatric medical management M200041 Kawasaki Disease No
1197 Paediatric medical management M200042 Persistent pneumonia No
1198 Paediatric medical management M200043 Empyema No
1199 Paediatric medical management M200044 Immune haemolytic anemia No
1200 Paediatric medical management M200045 Cyanotic spells No
1201 Paediatric medical management M200046 Rheumatic fever No
1202 Paediatric medical management M200047 Rheumatoid arthritis No
1203 Paediatric medical management M200048 Encephalitis No
1204 Paediatric medical management M200049 Chronic meningitis No
1205 Paediatric medical management M200050 Intracranial ring enhancing lesion with complication (neurocysticercosis, tuberculoma) No
1206 Paediatric medical management M200051 Refractory seizures No
1207 Paediatric medical management M200052 Floppy infant No
1208 Paediatric medical management M200053 Acute neuroregression No
1209 Paediatric medical management M200054 Neuromuscular disorders No
1210 Paediatric medical management M200055 Opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome No
1211 Paediatric medical management M200056 Acute ataxia No
1212 Paediatric medical management M200057 Steven Johnson syndrome No
1213 Paediatric medical management M200058 Metabolic encephalopathy No
1214 Paediatric medical management M200059 Ketogenic diet initiation in refractory epilepsy No
1215 Paediatric medical management M200060 Inborn errors of metabolism No
1216 Paediatric medical management M200061 Wilson’s disease No
1217 Paediatric medical management M200062 Celiac disease No
1218 Paediatric medical management M200063 Unexplained jaundice No
1219 Paediatric medical management M200064 Unexplained hepatosplenomegaly No
1220 Paediatric medical management M200065 Severe pneumonia No
1221 Paediatric medical management M200066 Severe exacerbation of asthma No
1222 Paediatric medical management M200067 Acute kidney injury No
1223 Paediatric medical management M200068 Poisonings No
1224 Paediatric medical management M200069 Serious trauma with unstable vitals No
1225 Paediatric medical management M200070 Upper GI hemorrhage No
1226 Paediatric medical management M200071 Lower GI hemorrhage Govt. Reserved
1227 Paediatric medical management M200072 Acute abdomen No
1228 Paediatric medical management M200073 Liver abscess No
1229 Paediatric medical management M200074 Complicated malaria No
1230 Paediatric medical management M200075 Severe dengue with shock No
1231 Paediatric medical management M200076 Congestive cardiac failure No
1232 Paediatric medical management M200077 Brain abscess No
1233 Paediatric medical management M200078 Acute encephalitic syndrome No
1234 Paediatric medical management M200079 Acute demyelinating myelopathy, No
1235 Paediatric medical management M200080 Immune mediated CNS disorders such as autoimmune encephalitis No
1236 Paediatric medical management M200081 Acute transverse myelitis No
1237 Paediatric medical management M200082 Guillain Barre Syndrome No
1238 Paediatric medical management M200083 Hydrocephalus No
1239 Paediatric medical management M200084 Intracranial space occupying lesion No
1240 Paediatric medical management M200085 Cerebral malaria No
1241 Paediatric medical management M200086 Acute ischemic stroke No
1242 Paediatric medical management M200087 Cerebral sino-venous thrombosis No
1243 Paediatric medical management M200088 Respiratory failure due to any causes (pneumonia, asthma, foreign body, poisoning, head injury etc) No
1244 Paediatric medical management M200089 Acute transverse myelitis No
1245 Paediatric medical management M200090 Acute encephalitis –infectious/immune-mediated No
1246 Paediatric medical management M200091 Convulsive & non convulsive status epilepticus No
1247 Paediatric medical management M200092 Cerebral herniation No
1248 Paediatric medical management M200093 Intracranial hemorrhage No
1249 Paediatric medical management M200094 Hepatic encephalopathy No
1250 Paediatric medical management M200095 Complicated bacterial meningitis No
1251 Paediatric medical management M200096 Raised intracranial pressure No
1252 Paediatric medical management M200097 Hypertensive encephalopathy No
1253 Paediatric medical management M200098 CRRT (per session) No
1254 Paediatric medical management M200099 Blood and blood component transfusion up to a limit of 2 days(admission for a diagnostic procedure leading to treatment requiring admission, eg bone marrow and bone biopsy, endoscopy, liver biopsy, bronchoscopy, CT/MRI under GA, broncho-alveolar lavage, lumbar puncture, muscle biopsy, FNAC, pleural aspiration, ascitic tapping, neostigmine challenge test etc) Govt. Reserved
1255 Paediatric medical management M200100 Blood and blood component transfusion for indications like Thalassemia/Hemoglobinopathies - upto a limit of 2 days Govt. Reserved
1256 Paediatric medical management M200101 High end radiological diagnostic (CT, MRI, Imaging including nuclear imaging) - can only be clubbed with medical package No
1257 Paediatric medical management M200102 High end histopathology (Biopsies) and advanced serology investigations - can only be clubbed with medical package No
1258 Neo-natal M300001 Basic neonatal care package (Rs 500 per day, maximum 1500): Babies that can be managed by side of mother in postnatal ward without requiring admission in SNCU/NICU: Any newborn needing feeding support or Babies requiring closer monitoring or short-term care for conditions like: Birth asphyxia (need for positive pressure ventilation, no HIE) or Moderate jaundice requiring phototherapy or Large for dates (>97 percentile) Babies or Small for gestational age (less than 3rd centile) Govt. Reserved
1259 Neo-natal M300002 Special Neonatal Care Package (Rs 3000 per day, maximum of 18000 - pre-auth after 4 days): Babies that required admission to SNCU or NICU:Babies admitted for short term care for conditions like: Mild Respiratory Distress/tachypnea or Mild encephalopathy or Severe jaundice requiring intensive phototherapy or Haemorrhagic disease of newborn or Unwell baby requiring monitoring or Some dehydration or Hypoglycaemia or Mothers stay and food in the hospital for breastfeeding, family centred care and (Kangaroo Mother Care) KMC is mandatory and included in the package rate No
1260 Neo-natal M300003 Intensive Neonatal Care Package (Rs 5000 per day, maximum of Rs 50,000 – pre-auth is needed after 5 days)Babies with birthweight 1500-1799 or Babies of any birthweight and at least one of the following conditions: Need for mechanical ventilation for less than 24 hours or non-invasive respiratory support (CPAP, HFFNC) or Sepsis / pneumonia without complications or Hyperbilirubinemia requiring exchange transfusion or Seizures or Major congenital malformations (pre-surgical stabilization, not requiring ventilation) or Cholestasis significant enough requiring work up and in-hospital management or Congestive heart failure or shock or Mothers stay and food in the hospital for breastfeeding, family centred care and (Kangaroo Mother Care) KMC is mandatory and included in the package rate No
1261 Neo-natal M300004 Advanced Neonatal Care Package (Rs 6000 per day, maximum of Rs 75,000 – pre-auth is needed after 7 days): Babies with birthweight of 1200-1499 g or Babies of any birthweight with at least one of the following conditions: Any condition requiring invasive ventilation longer than 24 hours or Hypoxic Ischemic encephalopathy requiring Therapeutic Hypothermia or Cardiac rhythm disorders needing intervention (the cost of cardiac surgery or implant will be covered under cardiac surgery packages) or Sepsis with complications such as meningitis or bone and joint infection, DIC or shock or Renal failure requiring dialysis or Inborn errors of metabolism or Mothers stay and food in the hospital for breastfeeding, family centred care and (Kangaroo Mother Care) KMC is mandatory and included in the package rate No
1262 Neo-natal M300005 Critical Care Neonatal Package (Rs 7000 per day, maximum of Rs 1,20,000 – pre-auth after 10 days):Babies with birthweight of <1200 g or Babies of any birthweight with at least one of the following conditions: Severe Respiratory Failure requiring High Frequency Ventilation or inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) or Multisystem failure requiring multiple organ support including mechanical ventilation and multiple inotropes or Critical congenital heart disease or Mothers stay and food in the hospital for breastfeeding, family centred care and (Kangaroo Mother Care) KMC is mandatory and included in the package rate No
1263 Neo-natal M300006 Chronic Care Package (Rs 3000 per day, maximum of Rs 30,000): If the baby requires stay beyond the upper limit of usual stay in Package no 0004 or 0005 for conditions like severe BPD requiring respiratory support, severe NEC requiring prolonged TPN support Govt. Reserved
1264 Neo-natal M300007 High Risk Newborn Post Discharge Care Package (Protocol Driven) No
1265 Neo-natal M300008 Laser Therapy for Retinopathy of Prematurity (Irrespective of no of eyes affected) - per session No
1266 Neo-natal M300009 Advanced Surgery for Retinopathy of Prematurity No
1267 Neo-natal M300010 Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Surgery (VP) or Omaya Reservoir or External Drainage for Hydrocephalus No
1268 Paediatric cancer M400001 Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (chemotherapy including diagnostics): induction No
1269 Paediatric cancer M400002 Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (chemotherapy including diagnostics): consolidation No
1270 Paediatric cancer M400003 Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (chemotherapy including diagnostics): maintainence No
1271 Paediatric cancer M400004 Acute lymphoblastic leukemia: radiation No
1272 Paediatric cancer M400005 Acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1273 Paediatric cancer M400006 Acute myeloid leukemia (chemotherapy including diagnostics): induction No
1274 Paediatric cancer M400007 Acute myeloid leukemia (chemotherapy including diagnostics): consolidation No
1275 Paediatric cancer M400008 Acute myeloid leukemia: Supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1276 Paediatric cancer M400009 Hodgkin Lymphoma (Favorable group) (chemotherapy including diagnostics): induction No
1277 Paediatric cancer M400010 Hodgkin Lymphoma (Favorable group): radiation No
1278 Paediatric cancer M400011 Hodgkin Lymphoma (Favorable group): Supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1279 Paediatric cancer M400012 Hodgkin Lymphoma (unfavorable group): chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1280 Paediatric cancer M400013 Hodgkin Lymphoma (unfavorable group): radiation No
1281 Paediatric cancer M400014 Hodgkin Lymphoma (unfavorable group): Supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1282 Paediatric cancer M400015 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1283 Paediatric cancer M400016 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1284 Paediatric cancer M400017 Retinoblastoma (Intraocular): chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1285 Paediatric cancer M400018 Retinoblastoma (Intraocular): radiation No
1286 Paediatric cancer M400019 Retinoblastoma (Intraocular): surgery No
1287 Paediatric cancer M400020 Retinoblastoma (Intraocular): supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1288 Paediatric cancer M400021 Retinoblastoma (extraocular): chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1289 Paediatric cancer M400022 Retinoblastoma (extraocular): radiation No
1290 Paediatric cancer M400023 Retinoblastoma (extraocular): supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1291 Paediatric cancer M400024 Brain tumors: chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1292 Paediatric cancer M400025 Brain tumors: radiation No
1293 Paediatric cancer M400026 Brain tumors: surgery No
1294 Paediatric cancer M400027 Brain tumors: supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1295 Paediatric cancer M400028 Wilms tumors: chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1296 Paediatric cancer M400029 Wilms tumors: radiation No
1297 Paediatric cancer M400030 Wilms tumors: surgery No
1298 Paediatric cancer M400031 Histiocytosis: chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1299 Paediatric cancer M400032 Histiocytosis: supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1300 Paediatric cancer M400033 Bone tumors/soft tissue sarcomas : chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1301 Paediatric cancer M400034 Bone tumors/soft tissue sarcomas : radiation No
1302 Paediatric cancer M400035 Bone tumors/soft tissue sarcomas : surgery (inlcuding prosthesis) No
1303 Paediatric cancer M400036 Bone tumors/soft tissue sarcomas : supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1304 Paediatric cancer M400037 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia : chemotherapy including diagnostics No
1305 Paediatric cancer M400038 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia : supportive care/ rehabilitation No
1306 Medical Oncology M500001 R-CHOP Regimen (per cycle) x 6 No
1307 Medical Oncology M500002 Bortezomib+ lenalidomide+ dexamethasone, per cycle x6 No
1308 Medical Oncology M500003 Bortezomib+ cyclophosphamide+ dexamethasone, per cycle x 6 No
1309 Medical Oncology M500004 MPT - melphalan, thalidomide and prednisolone, per cycle x 9 No
1310 Medical Oncology M500005 Bortezomib + dexamethasone, per cycle x 9 No
1311 Medical Oncology M500006 Thalidomide+Dexamethasone(Oral)/ month - max 12 months No
1312 Medical Oncology M500007 5-Fluorouracil-Oxaliplatin - Leucovorin (FOLFOX) - Max 6 cycles (Per cycle) No
1313 Medical Oncology M500008 Cisplatin/carboplatin - Adriamycin- max 6 cycles (Per cycle) No
1314 Medical Oncology M500009 Adriamycin Bleomycin VinblastinDacarbazine (ABVD) - max 8 cycles (Per cycle) (Day 1 & Day 15) No
1315 Medical Oncology M500010 Cisplatin/Carboplatin (AUC2) along with RT- max 6 cycles (Per cycle) No
1316 Medical Oncology M500011 Variable Regimen – Neuroblastoma - max 1 year (Per cycle) No
1317 Medical Oncology M500012 SIOP/National Wilms Tumour Study Group (NWTS) regimen(Stages I - V)- max 6 months (Per month) - Wilms tumour No
1318 Medical Oncology M500013 Monthly 5-FU No
1319 Medical Oncology M500014 Paclitaxel weekly x 12 weeks No
1320 Medical Oncology M500015 Cyclophosphamide/Methotrexate/5Fluorouracil (CMF) (Per cycle) No
1321 Medical Oncology M500016 Tamoxifen tabs - maximum 12 cycles (Per month) No
1322 Medical Oncology M500017 Adriamycin/Cyclophosphamide (AC) – per cycle (Maximum 4 cycles) No
1323 Medical Oncology M500018 5- Fluorouracil A-C (FAC) – per cycle (Maximum 6 cycles) No
1324 Medical Oncology M500019 AC (AC Then Taxol) No
1325 Medical Oncology M500020 Cisplastin/Etoposide (IIIB) – per cycle (Max 6 cycles only) No
1326 Medical Oncology M500021 Cisplatin + 5 FU(Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy)/Adjuvant (ADJ)- per cycle (Max of 6 cycles only) No
1327 Medical Oncology M500022 Docetaxel +Oxaliplatin+5FU 20,000 per cycle for 4 cycles CapOX- 10,000 per cycle for 8 cycles No
1328 Medical Oncology M500023 Aromatase Inhibitors (Anastazole/Letrozole/Exemestane) - maximum 12 cycles (Per month) No
1329 Medical Oncology M500024 Weekly Cisplatin/Carboplatin- max 6 cycles with RT (Per week) No
1330 Medical Oncology M500025 MethotraxateVinblastin Adriamycin Cyclophosphamide (MVAC) No
1331 Medical Oncology M500026 Carbo/Etoposide/Vincristine-max 6 cycles (Per cycle) No
1332 Medical Oncology M500027 IV antibiotics and other supportive therapy (Per episode) No
1333 Medical Oncology M500028 Cisplastin/5-FU No
1334 Medical Oncology M500029 Taxol + Carboplatin-max 6 cycles (Per cycle) No
1335 Medical Oncology M500030 Melphalan -Prednisone (oral) – per month (max 12 months) - Ovarian CA, Bone CA No
1336 Medical Oncology M500031 Gemcitabine +capecitabine-15,000 per cycle for 6 cycles No
1337 Medical Oncology M500032 Zoledronic acid - Max 12 cycles (Per month) No
1338 Medical Oncology M500033 Etoposide-Methotrexate-Actinomycin / Cyclophosphamide -Vincristine (EMA-CO)-max 6 cycles (Per cycle) No
1339 Medical Oncology M500034 Actinomycin- max 10 cycles (Per cycle) No
1340 Medical Oncology M500035 Weekly Methotrexate (Per week) max 10 cycles No
1341 Medical Oncology M500036 Bleomycin-Etoposide-Cisplatin (BEP) - max cycles 4 (Per cycle) No
1342 Medical Oncology M500037 Hormonal Therapy - Per month No
1343 Medical Oncology M500038 Bleomycin-Etoposide-Cisplatin (BEP) regimen for germ cell tumour - max cycles 4 (Per cycle) No
1344 Medical Oncology M500039 Induction Phase, up to (Daunomycin and cytosine arabinoside (3:7)) No
1345 Medical Oncology M500040 Consolidation Phase, up to (High dose cytosine arabinoside – per cycle, max of 3 to 4 cycles) No
1346 Medical Oncology M500041 Variable Regimen-Histocyosis-max 1 year (Per month) No
1347 Medical Oncology M500042 Vincristine-Actinomycin-Cyclophosphamide (VACTC) based chemo - max 1 year (Per month) - Rhabdomyosarcoma No
1348 Medical Oncology M500043 Variable Regimen Inv - Hematology, Biopsy – Payable No
1349 Medical Oncology M500044 Palliative CT- Max 6 cycles (Per cycle) No
1350 Medical Oncology M500045 Palliative And Supportive Therapy - Per month No
1351 Medical Oncology M500046 Maintenance Phase - Per month (x 24) No
1352 Medical Oncology M500047 Induction No
1353 Medical Oncology M500048 Consolidation Phase No
1354 Medical Oncology M500049 Tab Geftinib/Erlotinib-Max 1 Year (Per month) No
1355 Medical Oncology M500050 Sunitinib/ Pazopanib (per day) No
1356 Medical Oncology M500051 Imatinib (per month) x 5 years No
1357 Medical Oncology M500052 Gemcitabine + cisplatin (per cycle) – for 6 cycles No
1358 Radiation Oncology M600001 Cobalt 60 External Beam Radiotherapy (Radical/Adjuvant / Neoadjuvant) No
1359 Radiation Oncology M600002 Cobalt 60 External Beam Radiotherapy (Palliative) No
1360 Radiation Oncology M600003 Linear Accelerator External Beam Radiotherapy (Palliative) No
1361 Radiation Oncology M600004 Linear Accelerator, External Beam Radiotherapy 3D CRT/2D Planning (Radical/Adjuvant/ Neoadjuvant) No
1362 Radiation Oncology M600005 Linear Accelerator, External Beam Radiotherapy IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy) (Radical/Adjuvant/Neoadjuvant) No
1363 Radiation Oncology M600006 Linear Accelerator External Beam Radiotherapy IGRT (Image Guided radiotherapy) (Radical/Adjuvant/Neoadjuvent) No
1364 Radiation Oncology M600007 SRT(Stereota1036ic radiotherapy) No
1365 Radiation Oncology M600008 SRS (Streotactic radiosurgery) No
1366 Radiation Oncology M600009 Respiratory Gating along with Linear Accelerator planning No
1367 Radiation Oncology M600010 Electron beam with Linear accelerator (Radical) No
1368 Radiation Oncology M600011 Tomotherapy(Radical/Adjuvant/Neoadjuvant) No
1369 Radiation Oncology M600012 Brachytherapy High Dose Radiation (Intracavitory) - per fraction, maximum of 4 sessions No
1370 Radiation Oncology M600013 Brachytherapy High Dose Radiation (Interstitial) - for one application, multiple dose No
1371 Radiation Oncology M600014 Brachytherapy High Dose Radiation (Intraluminal) - per fraction, maximum 4 sessions No
1372 Emergency Room Packages (Care requiring less than 12 hrs stay) M700001 Emergency with stable cardiopulmonary status Govt. Reserved
1373 Emergency Room Packages (Care requiring less than 12 hrs stay) M700002 Emergency consultation: acute colic, high fever, cut, stitches, soft tissue injury, FB removal Govt. Reserved
1374 Emergency Room Packages (Care requiring less than 12 hrs stay) M700003 Single bone fracture plaster, nebulization for asthmatic attack, moderate dehydration, hypoglycaemia in a diabetic, Dengue without complication, Syncope, Food poisoning etc Govt. Reserved
1375 Emergency Room Packages (Care requiring less than 12 hrs stay) M700004 Animal bites (Payment after completion of 5th dose) Govt. Reserved
1376 Mental Disorders Packages M800001 Organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders (routine ward) Govt. Reserved
1377 Mental Disorders Packages M800002 Mental and Behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use (routine ward) Govt. Reserved
1378 Mental Disorders Packages M800003 Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders (routine ward) Govt. Reserved
1379 Mental Disorders Packages M800004 Mood (affective) disorders (routine ward) Govt. Reserved
1380 Mental Disorders Packages M800005 Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (routine ward) Govt. Reserved
1381 Mental Disorders Packages M800006 Behavioural syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors (routine ward) Govt. Reserved
1382 Mental Disorders Packages M800007 Mental retardation (routine ward) Govt. Reserved
1383 Mental Disorders Packages M800008 Organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders (HDU) Govt. Reserved
1384 Mental Disorders Packages M800009 Mental and Behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use (HDU) Govt. Reserved
1385 Mental Disorders Packages M800010 Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders (HDU) Govt. Reserved
1386 Mental Disorders Packages M800011 Mood (affective) disorders (HDU) Govt. Reserved
1387 Mental Disorders Packages M800012 Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (HDU) Govt. Reserved
1388 Mental Disorders Packages M800013 Behavioural syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors (HDU) Govt. Reserved
1389 Mental Disorders Packages M800014 Mental Retardation (HDU) Govt. Reserved
1390 Mental Disorders Packages M800015 Pre- Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) and Pre- Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Package (Cognitive Tests, Complete Haemogram, Liver Function Test, Renal Function Test, Serum Electrolytes, Electro Cardiogram (ECG), CT/MRI Brain, Electroencephalogram, Thyroid Function Test, VDRL, HIV Test, Vitamin B12 levels, Folate levels, Lipid Profile, Homocysteine levels) Govt. Reserved
1391 Mental Disorders Packages M800016 Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) - per session Govt. Reserved
1392 Mental Disorders Packages M800017 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) - per session Govt. Reserved
1393 Unspecified Packages U100002 Unspecified Medical Package No
1394 Unspecified Packages U100001 Unspecified Surgical Package No

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