More Than 1.5 Crore Beneficiary Enrolled Till Date

How to enroll

  1. Carry the following documents with you to the enrolment centre:
    • EPIC (Voter ID) card for each family member
    • Birth certificate for minor members of the family
    • Members of APL families must additionally present their Income certificate and Rs. 100/- per beneficiary as premium.
    • The National Food Security Act (NFSA) card may be produced as an additional document.
  2. Visit the enrolment centre; all beneficiaries must be physically present at the enrollment centre.
  3. The Verifying Officer scrutinizes all documents and verifies eligibility.
    • APL beneficiaries receive a uniquely numbered challan for depositing the premium into the designated bank account.
  4. After verification (and payment of challan when applicable), the Operator takes a photograph of and also capture the finger prints of each beneficiary.
  5. The operator issues the unique AAA ID card along with the scheme handout to beneficiaries.

Call the toll-free helpline 1800 102 7480 for guidelines