Frequently asked questions

What is the objective of Atal Amrit Abhiyan Scheme?

Atal Amrit Abhiyan has been launched by the Government of Assam to provide relief to the people of the State who suffer from critical illnesses. This ambitious Scheme provides cashless coverage upto Rs 2 Lakhs per eligible individual, to avail best in class treatment for 472 approved procedures in 6 critical care specialties.
For further details on the Scheme, queries or complaints, you may call at- 18001027480 and 104 .

Which Department is responsible for the scheme?

A separate society has been set up under the aegis of Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Assam, which is responsible for administration of the scheme – Atal Amrit Abhiyan Society.

Who is eligible to enroll under the Scheme or to avail of its benefits?

All individuals from BPL (up to an annual family income of Rs 1.2 lakhs) and APL families (with annual income between Rs. 1.2 and Rs. 5 lakhs) are eligible to enroll and avail the benefits under this Scheme.

What are the 6 specialties that are covered for treatment under the AAA Scheme?

The specialties covered under the Scheme are:

*Heart disease
*Kidney disease
*Neurological disorder
*Neonatal diseases and

Are all diseases under the above 6 specialties covered by AAA?

472 selected and approved procedures only within the above 6 specialties are covered. For detailed list of the procedures please call the helpline 18001027480 and 104 or contact the District Hospital nearest to you.

What are the 6 specialties that are covered for treatment under the Vistarita Scheme?

The specialties covered under the Scheme are:

*ICU Packages
*Critical Care Paediatrics & Paediatric Surgery
*Japanese Encephalitis and
*Acute Encephalitic Syndrome (Bone Marrow Transplantation is also covered under AAA)

Are all diseases under the above 6 specialties covered by AAA?

265 selected and approved procedures only within the above 6 specialties are covered.

What is the assured amount per year for the procedures/treatments covered under the Scheme?

Rs. 2 Lakhs per member, per annum of each eligible family per is covered under the Scheme.

What are the documents required to enroll under the Scheme?

For every member above 18 years of age

*Voter ID card

For every member below 18 years of age.

* Birth Certificate

He / She shall have to sign a self attested family income certificate stating that his/her family annual income is below Rs. 500000

Does any fees need to be paid at the time of enrolment?

Enrollment under the scheme is totally free for members of the BPL families.

Members of APL families are required to pay a nominal amount of Rs 100/- per individual at the time of enrolment. Every year at the time of the yearly renewal Rs. 100 will be charged from every APL beneficiary.

Where can one enroll under the Scheme? And Whom to approach for reissuing damaged or lost cards?

For enrolling under the Scheme, or reissuing lost or damaged cards, any individual fulfilling the criteria of eligibility may approach the “Atal Amrit Abhiyan District Enrolment Kiosks” established in his/her native district.

What are the documents given to the beneficiaries upon enrolment into the Scheme? And What is the purpose of the laminated card given at the time of enrolment?

Every enrolled adult (above 18 years) beneficiary will be issued a laminated photo ID card with a unique identification number linking him to his family.

Further, every individual’s biometrics will be captured at the time of enrolment and will be used for identification and validation.

This card will have to be presented at the empaneled hospital at the time of availing the treatment.

Please note: Minor beneficiaries (below 18 years) will not be issued a separate card, but their names would be tagged in the card of the head of the family that the minor belongs to. At the time of availing treatment for a minor beneficiary, the card of the head of the family is to be presented at the empaneled hospital.

What is an empaneled hospital? And Which are the hospitals where treatment may be availed under the Scheme?

Hospitals, both public and private-within and outside the state, have been empaneled under the Scheme. Empaneled hospitals are the only hospitals where the beneficiary is entitled to free cashless treatment (up to the eligible amount) under the Scheme.

The existing list of empaneled hospitals can be procured from the District Kiosks, Arogyamitras at the District Hospitals and the call center. Going forward, the number of empaneled hospitals will gradually increase. All empaneled hospitals will have an AAA Kiosk where Arogyamitras will be stationed to help the beneficiaries.

Who should an eligible beneficiary first approach for initiating treatment under the scheme? Can a beneficiary go directly to a private empaneled hospital?

Within Assam: For availing treatment under the scheme within Assam, an enrolled beneficiary can approach any of the empaneled hospitals directly.

Outside Assam: For treatment outside Assam, a beneficiary has two options:

a) Where the beneficiaries require support on transportation costs (within the eligible amount of Rs. 2 Lakh) and hospital arrangements, he/she should contact the Atal Amrit Abhiyan Call Centre Number 1800 102 7480. All the necessary arrangements will be made for them including transportation as per the guidelines of the Scheme.

b) Beneficiaries can also approach an empaneled hospital outside Assam on their own. However, in such cases, they will have to bear their transportation costs apart from taking the responsibility of making necessary tie-up with the concerned hospital for medical treatment including seat availability etc. Such beneficiaries will also be entitled to the Rs 2 lakhs benefit, which will be directly paid to the hospital as per the norms laid out under the Scheme.

Who should the beneficiary approach for support in empaneled hospitals?

Beneficiaries should approach the Help Desk in every empaneled hospital, manned by an AROGYAMITRA, who is there 24*7 for supporting and hand holding them, and ensuring their treatment experience is seamless

What will be covered within Rs 2 lakhs annually?

- Travel outside Assam- (Air-Fare) Maximum Rs. 30,000/- for one beneficiary and one attendant for treatment outside Assam. (provided the beneficiary does not directly go to an empaneled hospital outside Assam)

- Travel within Assam- Travelling allowance of Rs 300/- per visit for a maximum of Rs. 3,000/- in a year, within Assam.

- Treatment-- As per agreed package rates.

- Daily allowance- Rs. 1,000/- per day daily allowance for a maximum of 10 days for treatment outside Assam.

Who will make the travel arrangements?

Inside Assam- Arrangement should be made by the beneficiary which would be reimbursed with a cap of Rs 300/- per visit for a maximum of Rs. 3,000/- in a year. Outside Assam- Arrangement would be made through the call centre who will also ensure that beneficiary is kept informed.

Will diagnostic tests be covered?

Yes, all diagnostic tests done before 24-hour of admission in the empaneled hospital are covered within the Scheme.

Will any part of the treatment costs be reimbursable directly to the beneficiary?

No. Patient will get cashless treatment in empaneled hospitals up to Rs. 2 lakhs per annum and the amount will be reimbursed to the hospital directly.

What happens if the total cost of treatment is above 2 Lakhs at one time or if the Rs 2 lakhs gets exhausted before one year for a beneficiary?

The Scheme covers only an amount up to Rs. 2 lakhs per beneficiary, per year. Any expenditure above the given limit is to be borne by the beneficiary.

Where do I get additional information on the scheme?

Additional information about the Scheme can be obtained by calling the following toll free numbers- 18001027480 and 104
Further, the members of the public can also approach the District Kiosks of the Scheme, which have been established in all the districts of the State.